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I’ve been meaning to start a Hello! Project blog for a while now, and now that I’m almost done moving into a new place that’s a little more relaxing to live in, I figured there was no better time to start. As an introduction, I’ll discuss my feelings on some of the current H!P groups so you know where I stand. I’ll be trying my best not to outright bash any particular members or groups, but I can be a bitch when it comes to that, so expect at least one group to get that a bit.

I’ll start with Morning Musume, the flagship. As a rule, I like MoMusu. I think that they’re very different now than they were during “Golden Era”, but I like both incarnations. I particularly like Junjun, Kamei, Takahashi, and particularly dislike Aika and Linlin. I used to like Reina, but I don’t like her in front a lot. Koharu bothers me just because she’s not consistent. I disregard Kirari stuff in regards to MoMusu because I know that her character in Kirarin Revolution isn’t supposed to have a great voice at all. Still, she can be a strong singer, and once she works on that, I’ll probably like her more. Sayumi is slowly but surely growing on me. And, I tend to forget about Gaki-san. I used to dislike her, but once I saw her in the Mechaike specials, I mellowed on her a bit and now don’t really pay her much attention. Still, I’m likely to like their new singles.

Then, Berryz Koubou. Let me start off with saying that I think that Shimizu Saki is one of the most underrated talents in H!P. I don’t like Risako that much, though she’s working on her problems as she grows up a bit more, so we’ll see. I’m not that fond of Maasa, and I tend to forget Yurina altogether. Also, I’ve recently become a very big Chinami fan. There’s very little Berryz stuff I don’t like, though their Tsukiattwseruhpwoerh whatever single kind of put me to sleep in a bad way. Yet, I doubt I go more than two days without listening to Dschingis Khan and Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance. They’re almost like a new-wave Mini Moni now, and I like that a lot.

Then… C-ute. I *don’t* like C-ute, unlike everyone else in the blogosphere, it seems. And, really, I tried. I’ve listened to every song they’ve done, and I’ve also seen all of the PVs just to see if I could change my mind and get into more H!P, only I couldn’t. That’s not to say I hate all of the members. I tend to like Erika and Kanna and Airi, and Maimi is kind of growing on me maybe? Though, for some reason, I hate Chisato. I always just want to kick her off to the side as I think she ruins the aesthetic of the group as she looks like she has some life-threatening illness and will keel over any second. I have no idea why. I was close to liking Namida no Iro, but it just wasn’t quite good enough. I do, however, like Ookina Ai de Motenashite, though it’s less for being a C-ute song, and more for being a genki song.

Ongaku Gatas is next, and I don’t really have much of an opinion. I’m open to more of their stuff which I know is coming soon, but I don’t think either of their singles so far has been incredible.

I like Buono!, though I wish UFA would do some non-anime singles for them. I am also not a big fan of some of their harmonies as they come out sounding kind of robotic.

I guess I should also include GAM in here? They haven’t officially disbanded yet that I know of, and both Ayaya and Mikitty are back in business, so I hope it’s only a matter of time before they’re working together again. The strange thing is that I dislike each girl immensely, yet I love GAM. It’s probably for the strong lesbian overtones, I’ll admit. Yet, I can still say that I watched Ayaya in Sukeban Deka, though I did watch it more for the potential of Okada Yui’s boobs. Yet, they hid the entire movie! (And I impressed myself with recognizing one of the girls from Melon Kinenbi!)

And, speaking of Melon Kinenbi, I like them, but it’s been a while in the making. I don’t follow them like I do Berryz and MoMusu, yet I can say that This is Unmei! is one of my favorite songs ever, so… I don’t watch their PVs or concerts or anything, but I do make a point to listen to their new singles. I also think H!P needs to treat them better!

I’m not really into many of the soloists, but I do like Nakazawa Yuko a bit. Her song GET ALONG WITH YOU was part of my intro to H!P.

I was technically introduced to H!P a while ago, around the time of MoMusu’s Mr. Moonlight, but it wasn’t until quite a bit more recently that I really got into H!P and started being obsessed, which wasn’t until right before MoMusu’s Kanashimi Twilight. I discovered that several people on my Livejournal friends list were big H!P fans and once I could get my hands on everything, I did. (Thank you, Ciara, for gimme_hp, and Vanessa for that initial intro way back when.)

And as for the title of this blog? It’s a running joke between my husband and I. While watching some Mini Moni PVs, I inadvertantly showed him Strawberry Pie which scarred him for life. He claimed that it was so far beyond genki that it needed to be called something fitting, and together we came up with Super Happy Genki Hyperforce Go! (which was initially the name for all of my H!P mix CDs that I leave in our car so that we can identify them).

So, here we go. I won’t always talk about the new things going on in the H!P world, but I will try to review new singles and PVs and discuss big changes and new/graduating members, etc. I may also discuss some of the scandals… we’ll see. I tend to look at Hello! Online every few days at least, so I stay pretty on top of the news. ^_^




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