Captain of the Berryz Ship!

Posted on: August 9, 2008

So, first non-intro post!
I could blog about how Arihana Kanna from C-ute just got caught in the vicinity of a boy from Johnny’s! Only, I don’t care. I was far more worried about the pictures of what was probably Natsuyaki Mitabi with a boy, who was also from Johnny’s, I think? Girls, there are other boys out there!
Anyway, today I want to blog about… Shimizu Saki! Oh Captain, My Captain and all of that, Saki is my favorite part of Berryz Koubou. She caught my eye in the Special Generation PV, although I remember that when I found out she was the leader, I kind of went, “But, isn’t the leader supposed to be the oldest?” >_< She’s still pretty short and all, but she’s starting to look older. (The same can not really be said for Momoko, while Risako and Miyabi look like they’ll be old hags any day now. Miyabi especially looks old in Buono!, sometimes.)
Saki is given horrible hair to work with sometimes, and her grin leaves something to be desired, but the girl is definitely coming into her own. Her body no longer looks awkward when she dances, which is the one thing I think kept her from being the “best dancer in H!P”. Now, I think she holds it. When she’s dancing on screen, I can watch nothing else. It doesn’t matter how much you shove Risako in front of me, I don’t watch her. I’m drawn to Captain.

I started writing this post after watching the Saki version of the Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance PV. First of all, why can’t Morning Musume do the seperate shots? Oh yeah, they’d need more even line distribution, wouldn’t they? I do like that there is now a trend going in H!P toward a more even distribution, but I also think that there are some girls who just need to be pruned from the groups. Still, other people like them. >_<

Regardless, back on topic, I finally got to see the Maimi performance of “Natsu Doki Lipstick” with the two Saki’s dancing. Um, Shimizu Saki is hot. But, she’s also hilarious as you can see in a bunch of clips from TV shows I don’t know the names of. I’m hoping that she’ll soon come into her own and have a bigger role in Berryz.

Hot Saki

Hot Saki

On a side note, I think I’m coming to dislike Maimi when previously I just didn’t care. >_< And C-ute’s new single? I really don’t care. I tried listening to the song and watching the PV, but no part of it does anything to make me smile or anything. The dance and the outfits look kind of stupid, and I really just don’t like Chisato at all.






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