On the Rise?

Posted on: August 10, 2008

And… blog 3! And, today I’ll talk more about some of the smaller H!P groups.

First off, Ongaku Gatas. Let me be the first to admit that I don’t really *get* this group yet. It’s a training grounds for some of the eggs, but it’s a full group, yet they’re still just “Eggs”, right? However, it’s also well-populated with people who don’t really have another group at the moment. Satoda Mai, the last member of Country Musume, plus three former members of Morning Musume… one of whom came back for the group, one of whom left Morning Musume as leader for the group, and another who is left with the group as her main job after her other group (which I liked better) disbanded… Yet, I look at it and wonder if it’s just going to be some kind of in-between project. Eggs seem to be in the group until Tsunku can decide what to do with them (like Manoeri) and older girls seem to go to the group when they’ve graduated from something else… and Tsunku hasn’t yet decided what to do with them. So, I wonder if we’ll see a notice soon saying that a certain *other* former MM member who has recently returned from down under will be joining OG.

What I’d like to see H!P do? Something with Elder Club! If you’re playing around with groups with former MM members, then why not toss Mako in with Marippe and Kei and a graduated Takahashi Ai (I’ll talk more about this tomorrow!) and make some kind of next-gen Tanpopo as Berryz has recently become a kind of next-gen Mini Moni. Mako would have the worst voice of the four, but she’d make up for it with charisma. They could pull away a bit from the genki-pop and shine. They’re all experienced. They can all work a crowd. Then again, that’s just wishful thinking. I want to see those girls more! (Of course, at this rate, they could just make an “Evening Musume” of all of the former members who are still with H!P.)

On another smaller group front, I’ll talk about Buono!. I’d really like to see this group get to do something other than Shugo Chara stuff. Sure, they made an album, but all of the singles are SC stuff… There are times when the harmonies on the tracks blend together in a somewhat robotic way, but they’re still good. I like that they’re Berryz-heavy, too. Still, to really keep me in, I want to see more than the same thing over and over again. Give me genki, but spin it a new way sometimes!

I’ll keep an eye on both of these groups and hope to see them become something a bit stronger. I’ll also hope that UFA won’t run them into the group like they have with Viyuuden and such. +


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