The end of Haromoni… Does anyone actually care?

Posted on: August 24, 2008

So, Haromoni@ is ending. Now, don’t think I’m a bad Morning Musume fan for this, but… I barely watched the damn thing. It’s got something to do with the fact that no one really cared enough to subtitle it in a timely fashion and make it available to the huddled non-Nippon wota masses.

I didn’t get into H!P until late in the game, but I’ve still seen my fair share of Hello! Morning and Utadoki episodes. I’ve even seen a handful of the Haromoni@ episodes before it went MouTube. Yet, I found some major flaws in the show once it hit MouTube… enough so that I couldn’t bring myself to watch the damn thing.

First, nice as it is to see GakiKame throw things in random cool ways… do we really need to see the making of for everything? Just show when they got it right and *occasionally* go behind the scenes to remind the wota that Eri can’t land a book on a shelf over her shoulder without looking from 10 paces, or a whole tatami, or whatever.

Second, memorization games? Really? Ugh. This is something that would maybe be interesting once a season on a show like Haromoni@. Almost every episode? No! That’s ridiculous!

Third, when MouTube first started out, there were actually some interesting “videos” played. Certainly there was some controversy (lame though it was) about AmerikaJinMusume’s appearance, but that’s better than watching Aika nom on some pocky and tell us the manufacturer and where they’re located.

Fourth, not enough JunJun. Never enough JunJun.

Fifth, too much Reina. Always too much Reina. (Don’t get me wrong. I like her, but I think she’s only interesting if she’s not trying to be.)

Sixth, no special appearance by other Elder Club members, or even Berryz or C-ute! I know it didn’t last all that long, but there wouldn’t have been any harm in a Viyuuden episode or two, and if MoMusu can take over BeriKyuu for an episode or two, why not the other way around?

Not that I think BeriKyuu is really a better show. But, it’s got Captain, so… Can I get a group that’s just Captain, JunJun, Eri, and maybe even Sayumi? You know, the underused, underappreciated gals? (Not that I don’t think people like these members, but they could all use some more spotlight and a lot more lines, in my opinion.)

Still… even if UFA gets them another show, how will they make it different? I made a suggestion on Hello Online that they should find some kind of reverse talk-show format. Bring back games and skits that are actually somewhat amusing. Bring back punishments and guests and musical performances.

They need to do something to reattract an audience. MoMusu is *still* good! I just don’t want them to stop what they’re doing now because their popularity is lagging. I don’t want them to forget Japan in favor of the rest of Asia. I want them to stay strong, rise above, and maybe kick AKB48’s butt back to Akihabara where they belong. (Though, I do also like some AKB48 songs.)

I wish I’d known sooner and gotten into it all. But, such is the woe of a relatively newborn-wota, right?


1 Response to "The end of Haromoni… Does anyone actually care?"

Despite it looking like you like the exact opposite members that I like, I agree with you about this whole thing.
I loved Hello!Morning, but haromoni or whatever was retarded.
I especially agree with you about point #6. The MM girls by themselves aren’t interesting enough to hold their own television program, no matter how short it is, or how many crazy games they have the girls do.
Anyway, I’ve been reading all of your stuff:) You make some great points.

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