The lady has gone bananas (and the other panda)

Posted on: August 27, 2008

I occasionally surf the Hello! Online pic board just to see what’s new. Inevitably, I end up looking at 10 pages of pics of Junjun and Captain.

Today, Junjun came first, and I noticed something that’s really pissing me off! They’re trying to make Junjun look fat. >_<

Look at her outfits in Resonant Blue. A black vest over a baggy shirt. A muumuu resembling shirt when she’s sitting down to eat with Linlin. And it seems like over half of the shots taken of her for official H!P pictures have her in some sort of stomach-concealing garb. This is despite everyone loving Junjun’s larger thighs, and despite her not having a fat stomach to begin with. Look!

Look at this sexiness!

Look at this sexiness!

And this!

And this!



But, no. They insist on putting her in ugly things half the time. Is it because she’s rising up the popularity charts pretty fast? Either way, there’s no excuse for stealing the poor sacks from potatoes and making her wear them.

Blah... hag's wear!

Blah... hag's wear!

Poor Junjun. You can come live with me in America and I’ll give you pretty things to wear.

Also, I’ve figured out why I don’t like Linlin!

From the get-go, her voice grated on me, though that’s normally not enough to make me such a hater. But, really, it’s that she doesn’t look like an idol to me. She doesn’t have particularly cute or beautiful or even striking features, unless you count it as “struck” instead. She looks like she got a few too many slaps across the face and didn’t see the doctor after each one. Maybe now that’s she’s gotten a hair cut, I’ll like her better? We’ll see. I’ve changed my mind about MoMusu members before. (Reina, Kei, Yuko, Konkon…)


3 Responses to "The lady has gone bananas (and the other panda)"

I added you to my blogroll :). Hope that’s ok.

i’m not a particular fan of junjun and linlin but i would like to see them shining more in the groups in terms of having more lines to sing.

Junjun has really caught my attention lately. I don’t know what it is. Probably because of the alohello3. She’s growing on me. I agree…they keep giving her bad costumes. She’s quite pretty when they give her a chance to be.

I really enjoy your blog btw~! 🙂

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