Leg warmers

Posted on: September 5, 2008

Reina and I have this thing, see… Back when I first got into H!P? She was my favorite. It had 99% to do with her looks, I’m sure. Again, Kanashimi Twilight was the first “new” release that I was with MoMusu for, and Reina is utter hotness in it. Her accessories were to die for. I wanted her skirt. Her boots. Her hair. Her. Whatever.

As we went along, though, I realized that she of the wonky eye did indeed have a wonky eye, more salivating wota than were necessary, and photobooks that were true wank material. I love to look at the girl, even if she could stand to gain a few pounds (mostly of toned muscle). She pulls off some of the most ridiculous outfits with ease.

You wore this in Hawaii?

You wore this in Hawaii?

This brings me to the overall note I’m going for here. Reina loves the leg warmers, and so do I. In fact, I just bought two pairs. One grey knit pair(not too unlike the ones above), and one black and hot pink striped pair that will match brilliantly with my likewise patterned arm warmers.

So, Reina, you may have next to no personality, and you may not be a consistent singer, and you may disdain vegetables in the same breath you disdain your weight, but I love your choice in stand-alone leg garments. Forever, our calves will delight in the warm embrace of… well… fashion?


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