Cover groups!?

Posted on: September 6, 2008

I figured I’d go ahead and blog about this because I’m bored. :p

Online singing cover groups! What the hell, right?

At least, that’s what I thought. I’d see groupdubs on YouTube while looking for other things and be kind of annoyed by them, actually, but as a member of the gimme_hp group on livejournal, people occasionally shared songs from a particular group called “Sekai no Melody”. You can find SnM here.

I was having a serious karaoke jonesin’ one day and someone posted several SnM files as “bribes” to get an mp3 they wanted. I followed their links, and next thing I know? I’m auditioning. O_O The audition process isn’t really so much an audition as it is “Show the leader your voice type so she knows which group to put you with”. (I got placed in Paratoile.) You don’t have to have a great voice, or even a great microphone. You just have to like to sing, and like J-pop (and possibly K-pop and C-pop and the occasional English song).

There’s several hundred girls signed up for this thing, but it’s really just a few dozen who do most of the stuff. I’m quickly becoming one of them. I’m mixing, color-coding lyrics, making graphics, and singing my lungs out. I used to use that time to write fanfiction. ^_~ Not that I don’t still, but maybe just less time?

I can’t guarantee that everything that comes out from cover singing groups is going to be beautiful. But, it’s all done with sincere appreciation of the music in mind, so give us a listen!

I will probably link to these guys every now and again as we release things that are near and dear to me (namely, things I worked hard on and want people to at least try to appreciate). And if you don’t like it? Um, skip that paragraph?

That is all. ^_^


1 Response to "Cover groups!?"

Cool 🙂
I might join when it’s audition time xD
But yeah, that group is probably one of the biggest and best out there 😀

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