Pepper Keibu?! and testing waters

Posted on: September 8, 2008

Nothing official yet, so rumors abound about the new Morning Musume single. There are three titles that it could supposedly go by:

First, “Ame no Furai Hoshi de wa Ai Senai Darou”. I think this might be a c/w track rather than an a-side. For one, the only solo lines in it? Are panda lines sung in their native tongue. Cool as that is and all, I can’t see it faring well with their predominately Japanese audience. Additionally, the name is too long for a single. Five words is about the most you can really get away with before people have a hard time asking for it by name.

Second, “Hikigane wo Hiku”. Only, this one doesn’t seem to have any actual base in fact. No one knows where the rumor originated, or what kind of song it is, or anything really, so I’m going to say this one is pretty much baseless, though very much so a Tsunku-made title. It’s short, memorable, and to the point.

Third, “Pepper Keibu”. Those of you who don’t catch the significance here don’t follow MoMusu that much. “Pepper Keibu” is the name of a well-known Pink Lady track. Not only did MoMusu perform with Pink Lady, but Pink Lady songs aren’t unknown to the repetoire of H!P artists. W and Pink Lady were arm in arm sometimes. Additionally, Morning Musume’s leader and co-leader recently starred as Pink Lady in a drama about the life of the original creator of “Pepper Keibu” and many other great J-pop songs. Pink Lady redid this song and a bunch of their others back in 2004, but I think I’d like to hear a full-on Morning Musume version. Though, it’s a pretty powerful song. I wonder how many of the girls in the group have the kind of voice to really pull it off. I think this is the most likely of the track names. (Hello!Online lists this as the title now, though that could be an error or an edit by someone who really doesn’t know.)

Still, with it due at the end of this month, why don’t we know anything about it yet? Typically, we’ve seen pictures or heard something on the radio, or *something* at this point to have something of an idea of whether we’re going to drop the cash for single A, B, or C. (Or whatever…) Personally, I’d like another super happy genki song. I don’t want another ballad so soon. MoMusu *can* pull them off, but I like them when they’re upbeat.

Off on the other end of the H!P spectrum is the new Ongaku Gatas single. I think it’s a decent song, though not particularly memorable. The video is best for the behind-the-scenes stuff. But, there’s talk of danger for OG because there’s only one version of the single coming out!

Yet, I think UFA is right to do this for this release. It’s re-testing the waters. It’s making sure that this group without ManoEri can still be at least mildly profitable. It’s making sure that they made the right decision. I think that even if this single doesn’t do well, there will still be more OG. Just like, I think that if Shugo Chara actually ends after season 2, they won’t do away with Buono! until they stop making money.

First and foremost, UFA, like any other company, is about making money. It’s why their idols get exploited for their, ahem, talents. It’s why H!P photobooks are borderline and sometimes not-so-borderline gravure, even for some of the younger girls. If they can make a buck off some old man perving over Momoko’s ta-tas, they will… and especially since it’s not just one old man, but a bunch of them, and usually more than one buck.

My husband doesn’t believe me when I describe the typical Japanese Berryz Koubou fan to him. He can’t see the appeal of them to older men. Whereas, I can’t see where they’d lack appeal to anyone. Same with most of the girls in H!P. I’m in it mostly for the music, but I know not everyone is. I think most of us are at least a bit though. ^_~

Edit: Also, it seems I’m now listed on JapanBlogger. Find it here. ^_~

Additionally, if anyone’s interest was piqued by my discussion on cover groups? I just released a solo single through Sekai no Melody, here. I cover several H!P songs, several anime songs, and also show my love for w-inds and Rie Fu. I’m decent, at least, so come check me out? (Because, if you can’t pimp yourself in your own blog, where can you? Street corners are dirty!)


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