HAIR (and Pepper Keibu)!

Posted on: September 9, 2008

There you go, guys. Morning Musume’s new single, “Pepper Keibu”. This will be followed by a new album of additional Pink Lady covers called “COVER YOU” which will include a duet between Hiroshi Itsuki (now a part of UFA) and Takahashi Ai.

In the above Youtube clip, you can see one of the covers for the single. I like the outfits, but new hair! So, I must critique.

Reina’s hair hasn’t changed in so long that I kind of want her to get a boyfriend, break up with him, and then cut her hair. Or style it in a way that is actually different somehow! Ai’s hair doesn’t look bad, but I think she tends to look best when she’s not overstyled, so this is a little disappointing. I’m glad her recent flirt with extensions seems to be over, though. Linlin and Aika are the two members I don’t like, so I’m kind of glad to see that their hair looks bad. I want Junjun’s hair to have way more volume, or for them to not be afraid to do something with it. When she first joined, she was nothing but hair. Koharu kind of looks like she normally looks which isn’t a bad thing, but isn’t anything spectacular. Now, the two absolute winners in terms of looks: Sayumi and Eri. Sayumi’s got a new photobook coming out, and I’m suddenly really interested. She’s shoved behind Miracle Girl for this picture, but I didn’t notice at first. Sayumi’s hair is awesome. It’s shiny, wavy, and looks like you could drown in it. It is perfect for her. Then, Eri? Hello sex-kitten straight-cut bangs. I have fallen in love with Eri’s hair like this. Oh, whoops. Totally forgot Risa again. >_< She’s kind of in the back and her hair is, um, flat? I didn’t like the degree they were taking her hair height and fullness to, but this is too far a step in the other direction as this kind of makes Risa’s face look fat, quite like it did for the first several years she was in MoMusu. The outfits don’t seem to be to bad either with the girls wearing outfits that aren’t too different so no one stands out too much, it seems, though I’ll wait for a PV to really say.

Now, for my thoughts on the music. ^_^ This single is danceable, though it’s missing quite a bit in the lower register, so it really sounds like Ai is dominating the track… which she is. There are very few solo lines in this… though Sayumi (I think?) gets a non-screaming speaking line which is at least a step in the right direction. Reina sounds better in this than she has in the past 5 singles put together. Her voice is a lot more natural.

I think this is exactly what MoMusu needs. It’s a well-known song. It’s danceable. The girls (for the most part) look super hot. Again, I need a PV to really give a thought to the overall appeal, but I’ll definitely listen to the song because it is catchy, but the Pink Lady version always bothered me a bit because it wasn’t tight-sounding. This is.

Another MoMusu thing I think is hilarious? H!O has posted the latest translation of Pocket Morning Weekly which asked this week “What is your favorite 4-Character Idiom?” Check it out here and enjoy. (I particularly like Junjun’s answer.)


1 Response to "HAIR (and Pepper Keibu)!"

i actually quite like aika’s new hairstyle. and yes… eri’s china chop hairstyle really suits her..

haha … hello project just need to change their hairstyle just to give them a refreshing look.

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