A Closer Look at Pepper Keibu

Posted on: September 14, 2008

I gave my previous reactions on Pepper Keibu based solely on the single covers and the song itself. That was *just* before the PV was released. If you’re one of the very few people who seems not to have seen it, go here and watch.

The PV, to me, is delightful. Sure, it’s “Onna ni Sachi Are” with green instead of yellow and more hand waving (quite literally), but I like Morning Musume that way. I think, looking at it, that I’m not that fond of a lot of the older PVs. What I watch over and over, though? Dance shots. I have more dance shots downloaded than I do regular PVs. So, thinking about it, it isn’t surprising that I find a lot of appeal in this most recent video. Everyone looks hotter than normal, except Takahashi (who still looks attractive, but doesn’t have the THE SEX hair that she did in “Resonant Blue”‘s Another Version) and Reina (who looks the same). I think that Linlin and Aika are relatively unattractive anyway, but they don’t stand out in a bad way to me as much, so they can’t be that bad.

As a note on the dancing in the video, I could tell that it was very similar to the original dance moves since I’ve watched Pink Lady sing this song a lot. It’s very high-energy despite not needing a lot of movement (Parapara, anyone?) Everyone looks pretty decent doing the dance, although Koharu seems to not grasp it as much as the other girls, but does definitely put a lot of effort into it anyway. The results are not noticeably different except in technical execution. Eri, in particular, looks very confident and sexy while dancing this number. She’s really come into her own in the past few years, and it’s no wonder the wota are paying attention. Also to notice about the dance? The relative prominence of Junjun. She may be the almost “big and burly” member of MoMusu in comparison, but who doesn’t love her at least a little bit. She’s got personality to spare (so maybe give some to your fellow Gen8er’s?) and is given more of a “lead” dancing role. As a big Junjun fan, I can appreciate this in the video a lot.

Other points of interest? Takahashi’s crotch. ^_^ That kick she does? Awesome. It answers the questions that her Kanashimi Twilight kicks asked: “What would it be like to catch a glimpse?” The answer: “Sexy.” Not that that was Final Jeopardy! level hard, but you wota understand me, right?

Some people have also discussed the relative lack of Reina. Yeah, she gets the only two solos, but she really doesn’t get many lines. We get good duet after good duet, and Reina doesn’t ruin the song. Her voice, like the rest of her, is kind of wonky and almost sounds like two people singing sometimes. Additionally, she does not wink at all, though she can’t seem to decide on a facial expression while she’s singing.

Now to jump back to the beginning of the PV, the old movie feel? It works. This is a cover of a song that most people who listen to it (at least in Japan) will realize that it is several decades old. I think this, overall, is a faithful execution of both song and video for what it is supposed to be: a cover of a J-pop classic. Where Morning Musume will go after this remains to be seen, but I don’t think this will hurt them in the slightest, or “put off the inevitable” as all the nay-sayers are claiming (meaning the end of MoMusu). The girls still make money. They still outsell the H!P kids. Tsunku’s playing around with them and seeing what can still be done. Note that not all of Madonna’s “looks” and “styles” worked either, but when she found the ones that did, they lasted.

Coming up next, I’ll add in my review of the new Berryz Koubou album, weigh in on “Pepper Keibu”‘s b-side, and possibly react to a new PV or single or something, despending on how soon I can get the post done.


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