Berryz Reviewz!

Posted on: September 16, 2008

Okay, lame title, I know. ^_^ But, I’m listening to the Dschinghis Khan Tarutaru Mix, so I guess I’m feeling lame?

First up! A review of 5(FIVE)! And too many exclamation points!!!

C'mon, guys, we can count!

HAPPY!stand Up – I think I wouldn’t mind this being a single. It’s damn catchy with some great harmonizing going in. In a way, it reminds me of a less-produced Yattarouze! which I think is a great thing. The melody is low key, but interesting, and doesn’t suffer from any member take-overs like most of their songs. I’m having problems hearing any Risako in this, though, but maybe that’s sometimes a good thing? I don’t hate the girl, but I do wonder why she’s the face of Berryz. Is it only the pedoliciousness?

Kono Yubi Tomare (Momoko, Chinami, Maasa) – This immediately reminded me of 1980’s American TV show openings until the girls started singing. I think these girls don’t exactly work together, but they’re definitely trying. Momoko’s voice is so *different* from most people’s that if she doesn’t work to make it fit, it doesn’t. She’s just a bit off here, I guess, so I think this song is kind of forgettable.

Baka ni Shinai de (Shimizu, Miyabi, Kumai, Risako) – This is soooo my favorite style of music to listen to with the Eurobeat and, y’know, Captain. I do wish there was more Captain, but I also adore her beyond all other Berryz members, so I suppose that’s understandable.

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance – This one I don’t feel like I really need to review, but… suffice it to say that this made it onto a very exclusive mix CD that I keep in my car. I love this song no matter how long and ridiculous it is. I dance to it a lot. Ridiculously.

Ah Merry-go-round (Shimizu, Momoko) – Yay! Captain! And Squeaky-Toy! (Is this the return of the exclamation points? I think so!) I think that the backing track should have been a little lower for a lot of this song. There are times I’m having trouble hearing the girls. However, I love Captain’s intro and I love the bits where they’re singing together. Separately, they seem like they wouldn’t really work together vocal-wise, so it was surprising to me that their voices blend so well. I’d like to hear these girls do more together, but something different. Let them rap, maybe? ^_~ !!!

CLAP! (Chinami, Miyabi, Kumai) – For a song about clapping, Miyabi doesn’t sound very genki at all. I was hoping this would be a lot more energetic. ;_; And that Miyabi wouldn’t dominate the lines the girls share. But, FAIL! I actually ended up skipping past the second half of this song. It just didn’t catch me and Yurina particularly seems to stumble through it which also turned me off.

REAL LOVE (Sugaya Risako) – I like the beat to this song, but what of Risako’s vocals? *listens more* They sound a lot more careful than she normally works with, but it fits the type of song. I can honestly imagine a duet between Risako and Reina from MoMusu working well. They both have wonky voices, but I think they’re the kind of wonky that could work well together. I can understand this song getting its fair share of fans, though it’s a little too R&B for my tastes, maybe? Not my favorite, but I’m not minding listening to it.

Yume o Ichi Tsubu ~Berryz Kobo Ending Theme~ Berryz Kamen – I’m a bit confused by this song. It sounds almost Russian with bits of a music box mixed in? Also, why didn’t they put this as the last song? Even if it was just from the Berryz Kamen vs. Cutie Ranger concert, it’s still an ending theme, and that would have been perfect to put at… the end! It also felt even shorter than it was, somehow. Not particularly listenable, though memorable?

Dschinghis Khan – This is the other Berryz song that made it onto my super mix CD. I like it when Berryz channels Mini Moni or something, don’t I? I like them genki, silly, and remixed, I guess? I find myself singing this song at work. A LOT.

Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi – This was the first Berryz song to come out after I got into H!P. I know I had the PV downloaded, but maybe I just completely forgot the song when I deleted it? I could have sworn it was a ballad, but, um, totally not? Still kind of forgettable to me despite being very upbeat. But, Captain gets lines, so I have to listen at least a little bit?

BE – Is this the only true ballad on here? *listens closer* It sounds… a little out of tune for parts of it, and not just the parts that seem like they were intended to sound like that. I like the melody, but the overall effect is kind of weird.

Special Generation ~ Eccentric Remix – I must come forth and say that techno remixes make me ecstatic, and this one is no different. It is definitely eccentric with the mix drawing from possibly every kind of music that’s out there from rock to lullabies to big band. It’s catchy to me, but I can definitely understand thinking it’s too much, or that you don’t like techno with Berryz voices, or whatever, or that you’re just completely tired of this song. Special Generation was my first Berryz love, so this song too will hold a spot in my music-loving heart. I’ve heard people complain about Maasa in this song since she “sounds too mature”. Maybe because her vocals are the only ones that got added in, so she’s the only one with her “current” voice in it? I think this might be why she’s only got one non-group song on the album. She still got to record two?

And, as an additional review: the above-mentioned Dschinghis Khan TaruTaru remix!

I really wasn’t expecting this to work. But, it’s damn catchy. Are Berryz going to catch on in Europe now? Maybe that’s Tsunku’s plan… MoMusu will take over Asia and Berryz will take over Europe? Just don’t send C-ute as the American ambassadors or I’ll have to move to Germany or something. >_< This is already a very upbeat song, but this makes it even moreso somehow.

Final conclusion on both fronts? I love Berryz even more. Yeah, maybe they’re not as vocally competent as a some other H!P factions, but they have serious energy, and Captain rocks my world with the bit parts they let her have. So, Captain picspam, go!



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