Posted on: October 12, 2008

Some of you may have seen this already, and maybe some of you haven’t, so let’s discuss.

First, go here.

Now, let’s talk about HANGRY & ANGRY. It’s the remaining members of 4th gen Morning Musume. Only, they look like this:



That’s right, folks. Hitomi is HANGRY and Rika is ANGRY and they compose a new unit based on a Harajuku fashion line (which, by the way, is super awesome and full of want for me). Their debut single is called “Kiss Me Kill Me”. It is full of English that is not butchered, full of a more hardcore sound, and is generally pretty damn awesome.

It is entirely different from what Hitomi and Rika have been portraying in Ongaku Gatas, except for this:

Kiss Me Kill Me

Kiss Me Kill Me

Does that make anyone else think of one of the backstage scenes in the Ongaku Gatas “Come Together” video? Hmm? It also makes me wonder if we’ll see a real kiss in the PV to come. It’s not like H!P hasn’t done it before (with GAM).

Still, it’s a new image. Even at their most hardcore moments, I don’t remember any other H!P group going to this level. It’s amazing in a very wonderful way.

The song is pretty damn catchy. Even my husband kind of liked it! Keep in mind that Hello!project is his absolute antithesis. (The link at the top of this post leads to the article about this on Hello!Online where you can listen to the song.)

I’m very much so looking forward to seeing more of this group as it gets closer to the single release next month. It is one that I very likely will buy.

So, remember:

Hitomi and Rika are HANGRY & ANGRY

Hitomi and Rika are HANGRY & ANGRY


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