Alo-Hello 3!

Posted on: January 2, 2009

Because I’m off from work today and I can’t do too much since I just got out of my cast, I watched Morning Musume’s Alo-Hello 3. I do not speak or read much Japanese, and I watched this unsubbed, so if I’m completely wrong about something that’s going on, I’m going solely based on what I saw. And, because what kind of post would this be without some picspam? There are accompanying pictures for each section. They’re screencaps, so not great quality, but enjoy nonetheless!

If for some reason you want to be surprised by what happens, don’t read this!

Alo-Hello 3 DVD start-o!

Alo-Hello 3 DVD start-o!

So, to start off… the girls are playing some beach game where you lay down on a towel facing away from a flag you’re trying to grab. You put your heads down, a whistle blows, and you have to be the first one to get to the flag (it’s not a very far run, but it’s more difficult in sand, and some of the girls have trouble even standing up from their towel). They go in groups of three, then the girls who came in first battle… Eri is the winner. The girls in second battle… Ai is the winner. They battle, to determine that Eri wins! Yay! But who loses? The three last place girls battle to determine that… Sayumi is the slowest, or at least the worst at this game.

The winner, and the new champion!!!

The winner, and the new champion!!!

The girls then play beach volleyball. As a former volleyball player myself, it was difficult to watch them flout the rules so much. Most of them didn’t even try to go after the ball! It was 5th and 6th gens vs. 7th and 8th, and amazingly? The smaller team won. Only one shot actually really got hit back and forth at all. But, you could tell that Koharu was at least a decent player before she joined MoMusu.

Watch them all run... away from the ball?

Watch them all run... away from the ball?

After this comes a lot of frolicking by the pool for photoshoots. They exhibit that it is entirely possible to get 6 girls on a raft meant for one… but not for long. At one point during this, there’s a bit of cacophony. Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB GIRL is playing… but when it focuses in on Sayumi and Junjun, you also hear Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari playing while the girls talk.

How many MoMusu members does it take to grab Risa's butt? Depends... how many can fit?

How many MoMusu members does it take to grab Risa's butt? Depends... how many can fit?

At this point, the girls break up into groups to go do different activities.

First up: Reina, Aika, and Risa go play with dolphins! Having done the very thing they’re doing and then some, I really don’t know why the girls are so afraid. They each kiss a dolphin, ride being pulled by the fins of two dolphins, and get pushed through the water with a dolphin at each foot. Reina is obviously kind of terrified, and even misses the first time the dolphins fins come up to her hands. Before they got to the dolphin tank though, they spent some time yelling genki-ly at the sea turtles. Oh, if only Kamei had been there!

Splash! Can you dig it?

Splash! Can you dig it?

Next, Kamei, Sayumi and Ai get to go jewelry shopping! All three girls get rings and necklaces (that they get to go back and customize) and Ai also gets a bracelet (on a side note, she tries on some huge sunglasses that look awesome on her). Sayumi’s necklace says “Sayumi Nani” (Nani means “beautiful”). Ai’s says “Ikaika Ai”  (Ikaika means “strength”). Eri’s says “Walea Eri” (Walea means “enjoy”).

My future's so bright...

My future's so bright...

Finally, Koharu, Linlin and Junjun go surfing (or at least get lessons)! Junjun displays her English skills! She’s not fluent by any means, but it’s not very heavily accented and she can definitely get her point across. All of the girls manage to make it to a standing position, though Junjun is first. Koharu and Linlin eventually make it up, and Linlin even looks particularly comfortable up there. Koharu just has the camera crew get a lot of shots of her butt where you can tell she’s wearing a white swimsuit bottom.

Surfer babes FTW.

Surfer babes FTW.

The groups change for a second round of 3-person activities.

First, Risa, Koharu and Eri go… to walk around? This section? I have absolutely no idea what’s really supposed to be going on. It’s a lot of the girls walking around and just looking glaze-eyed at stuff. Then, Koharu hugs a tree. Yes. A tree. Shortly thereafter, the girls face three different directions and appear to be praying. Still shots of them play. What the heck? Oh well. Eri looks awesome in that hat.

3-nin Aruiteru?

3-nin Aruiteru?

Next, Junjun, Aika and Ai go on a boat ride called the Honolulu Screamer. Junjun has to be told to sit down a bunch and looks disappointed. Aika nearly loses her hat. Ai screams, but is really the only one to do so. They stop at one point and get to see both an Orca whale and a dolphin swimming naturally in the ocean. The girls “Kyaaa!” quite a bit. I wonder if their boat driver had any idea that at least two of the girls he was driving around were probably older than he was. When the girls finally get back in, they find that some gaijin has caught a huge fish. Junjun and Aika get their pictures taken with it (though Junjun is infinitely more enthusiastic about this) and then it’s Ai’s turn. She doesn’t want to get too close, but at the last moment another gaijin gives her a little push. The look on her face is hilarious.

"But, I don't WANT to sit down. That's not scary at all!"

Junjun: "But, I don't WANT to sit down. That's not scary at all!"

Finally, it’s time for Sayumi, Linlin and Reina to make dinner. They start by making rather phallic fruit sculptures. Some bits of them look ridiculous. Linlin uses parsley for part of it for some reason. Reina nearly cuts her hand open by not knowing which part of a cookie cutter goes down. Next, it’s cake time! The cake’s already made, but they have to ice it. Linlin makes the (I’m assuming) whipped cream, and the girls cover the bottom layer in cream and fruit and put on the top layer and cover it with more cream, more fruit, and a little drawing in the middle. Sayumi nearly squirts cream out of her pastry bag. Silly girl. Finally, ahi poke. It’s tuna, onions and scallions in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, dried shredded seaweed and a bit of other stuff, too, probably, but that’s all I remember watching them put in. This recipe looks pretty similar to it, at least. Sayumi (!) is the one to cut up the tuna because it appears the other girls have no idea how.

Sayumi's mad she didn't get the pink pot.
Sayumi’s mad she didn’t get the pink pot.

At this point, the girls all get back together again for a barbecue. Yay! While the gaijin in the background are grilling up the meat, the Kitchen Trio show off their raw tuna salad, and everyone loves it! Everyone eats a little bit, and Ai even starts to dig into her salad, but Reina, being Reina, heads over to snag a piece of meat.  The girls stuff their faces with meat and Koharu smacks Risa in the face with a piece of rib, ostensibly “sharing”. The kitchen trio bring out their cake and everyone is amazed! Yay! Junjun’s eyes get especially big. The sculptures come out next and everyone has to guess who made which one. Only Eri and Koharu get it right. This is followed by consumption of the fruit and cake. Junjun eats a banana in a sexually suggestive manner. Koharu takes a bite out of a pineapple slice on a stick, then passes it to Risa, then Eri, then Koharu tastes again, then passes to Junjun, and finally Ai. Man, that pineapple got around.

Here. I'm shoving this in your face, so eat it!
Here. I’m shoving this in your face, so eat it!

It ends with the girls playing in front of the camera at night with a cityscape lit up behind them.

Eh? I mixed up Mitsui and Koharu? Don't tell! HI-MI-TSU!
Eh? I mixed up Mitsui and Koharu? Don’t tell! HI-MI-TSU!

Reina even gets in an “OtsukaReina!” at one point. 

All told, I’m really starting to believe in this Musume. This DVD proves that they really can be charming. But what it also shows? Is that no one girl is considerably more charming than any of the others. They’re all attractive and look good in bikinis. Certain members appeal to certain people, obviously, but I think someone who didn’t know them at all could watch this and enjoy it and end up liking several girls from it, if not all of them.

I’ll join the girls now in saying, “Bye!”

Thanks, wota, for keeping us fed!

Thanks, wota, for keeping us fed!


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