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Posted on: January 10, 2009

Kusumi Koharu – Hapi Hapi Sunday!

I’d heard some people describing Koharu’s new song from audio rips and the latest concerts, but I hadn’t really heard much good which surprises me because… I like this. Koharu’s high-range voice can’t get as spastic as her mid-range voice, so the “high harmonies” really balance out her singing. She also seems to be trending back toward a normal voice rather than her “Kill All the Ears With Genki Cuteness!” voice. For this, I will forgive PaPancake.

Watching through the video, I can’t help but be reminded of a few other H!P videos. There’s a few distinct moments of Nacchi’s “Koi no Telephone Goal” with the animation and one moment where Koharu holds out her pinky and shakes it very much like Nacchi did in her dance. And the scene where Koharu draws the heart with lipstick and then does it toward the camera? That would not have been out of place in MoMusu’s “Go Girl ~ Koi no Victory”.

Now, let’s discuss the outfit. Those wings are… yeah. Bad. I think it’s the shape more than anything, but I also think the outfit doesn’t really need it. Even the change for the end? I don’t think it adds anything to the overall effect. But, now that Koharu actually has legs instead of sticks, I think they did a good job showing them off. The outfit (minus the wings) is very flattering to her, and gives her something of a figure, too.

The song is classic Kirari stuff. It’s upbeat, girly and kind of strange at points. But, in this PV, Koharu proves that regardless of whether she can consistenly sing her own songs live, she’s still a consummate professional. The awkward changeover to the cape with attached fairy wands? Koharu makes it seamless. She is spastic as ever, but knows just when to keep her calm. I’m very impressed.

I can’t say this beats out Balalaika for my fave Koharu solo song, but I think I like this PV best of what she’s done so far. I’ve already watched it a good 20 times. >_< That’s more than I’ve seen some Momusu and Berryz stuff!

Next up,
Buono –

I have no idea what this song is supposed to be about, but if it’s about going places? Then wow is this actually a relavant video. If not, then… eh. At least there’s penguins.

I’m liking the girls in all of the different outfits. The ones for the dance are a little strange in my opinion. Why is Airi the only one not wearing a skirt? Couldn’t she have been in a white skirt or something to be different, but kind of match? The safari outfits are cute, as are the overalls, but they’re far too plain. I do rather like the Hawaiian dresses and the jackets.

I didn’t really like this song the first time I heard a rip… But, the video has gotten me into it a bit more. I don’t think it’s as good as all of the previous Buono songs, but it’s still good. It still has me looking forward to the Buono! Buono! album. (I should note that I was Buono-resistant until Kiss!x3.) Momoko isn’t all over the place and her voice is kind of okay. Airi sounds great in this, and I think she needs to be allowed to sing in a slightly lower register in °C-ute, too, because it really works for her (and the new image she has with the un-poofy hair in the 4 Akogare MY STAR pics). But the really love in this? Miya. <3<3<3

Miyabi looks absolutely gorgeous in this. I liked her new hair from seeing concert pictures of it, but until I saw the true glory I wasn’t fallen all the way. Now, yes! Short-haired Miya! She shines and looks so much happier than she has in the last 2 singles where she went from looking bored to looking hopeful. (I’m really hoping they’ll push Momo to the back again and let Miya shine because the girl is really starting to embrace the fact that she can.)

Momo does kind of bug me throughout the video. I don’t think she’s pretty. In fact, I think she’s kind of plain. Her uninteresting hairstyle that is 2 steps away from a wonky mullet clashes with the other girls’ fabulous hair. And the worst part? In several of the parts where she’s walking, she’s super-over-emphasizing the movement of her shoulders so it ends up looking retarded. It’s not so bad in the Hawaiian dress, but she’s walking just like a penguin for several of the shots, and not just the ones the penguins are in.

Whoops! Almost forgot to discuss the dance. It’s not all that awesome to me, but that may just be that we don’t get to see a whole lot of it in this. I’ll reserve full judgement until I see a Dance Shot. As it is, though, I do kind of like the little air drum thing that Ongaku Gatas couldn’t pull off in Come Together. Best part so far? Dance solos. ^_^ All the girls look good, though especially Miya.

I did like seeing the girls drink milk from little bottles much like in Kiss!x3. And their reactions to the fake things around them are rather nice. But, it doesn’t raise it up to be the best Buono! PV it can be. I’d probably put it above Rottara Rottara and Honto no Jibun, but below the rest. It’s kind of mediocre, though still fun. Buono mostly just has such an incredible track record that while this is still good, it’s kind of a let down.


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