Takitty Demonstrates Awesomeness

Posted on: January 12, 2009

Q.E.D. - Shomei Shuryo

Q.E.D. - Shomei Shuryo

So, episode 1 of Takitty’s first true dorama is out subtitled now, so I made some time last night (43 minutes to be exact) to watch it, and I was really impressed.

Watch Q.E.D. online, subtitled in English

^ There. Now you have no excuse to not watch it yourself.

I can’t say this is really a terribly impressive dorama. I’ve seen many that are soooo much better, but it’s entertaining, and doesn’t drag on, and Takitty looks pretty amazing in it, too.

Ep 1 starts off with a flashback to one month before the episode and a skydiving accident that happened. Four guys look on in horror as the trainee with them plummets to the group because her parachute doesn’t open properly. She dies. Very sad, yes.

Somehow, that segues us into Takitty in kendo gear winning a match and poking a guy’s mask repeatedly with her boken. She’s the winner… yay! And for some reason, this means she wins a skydiving lesson. Kana (the character Takitty plays) thinks that’s awesome, but gets depressed to realize it’s a ticket for 2 because she has 2 female friends she wants to bring. She doesn’t take into account that they don’t want to go. They let her know this, though, and she gets kind of depressed, and then a bit more to realize that she’s completely forgotten her locker combination. How will she change her clothes? Oh no!

She tries pulling at the door with 0% success, so she runs out into the hallway and grabs the first person she sees… the guy who will be revealed to be the male protagonist of the story, Toma. He is unable to help her pull open the locker (and really doesn’t even try) and uses the strength of his brains to figure out her combination instead. To thank him, Kana pulls him along for skydiving! Because, really, what better way to thank someone than to possibly end their life?

While at their lesson, a skydiving group of 4 guys gets ready to jump. We see they’re the same group as earlier in the episode, only, oh no! As they jump, one guy plummets to the ground. His parachute deplots automatically once he gets to a certain point, and when he falls to the ground, it’s discovered that he’s been knifed in the back and was dead before he hit, but the others guys remember him talking on the plane. How could it have happened? Kana (whose father is a detective working the case) wants to find out.

Kana’s father annoyed me the most of any character. He played the character like he shouldn’t be trusted at his job, although his bits with Takitty are kind of adorable because she accuses him of not treating her like a father should– worrying about things he shouldn’t, but not worrying about the things he should. He also refuses to discuss the case with her, though it’ll be interesting to see if her will in later episodes.

Kana pulls Toma into the case with her, though he’s definitely reluctant. The turning points seems to be when she brings him yakisoba bread and juice in exchange for him keeping her from having to discuss a complicated proof in their math class. She eats with him, but the cloth wrapped around her bento goes CG-flying and gets hooked on a pole. She’s not tall enough to reach (though watching her jump for it is adorable) and so she leaves it.

Kana does most of the investigating, but goes back to Toma’s apartment (where he lives without his parents) to tell him what she’s found out. Amazingly, it’s Toma who not only solves the case, but goes to confront the killer. Kana finds out when her father shows up at her 2nd try for the skydiving lesson asking about Toma because he called the police to say that he would reveal the killer while in the air.

This, though, makes Kana run like a beheaded chicken across the ground under where the plane is flying. I don’t really know why, but hey… the killer is caught in a pretty ingenius plot and it’s only in Toma’s discussion with him that you really begin to connect with his character at all. Everything gets explained, and Kana and Toma get to tell each other that they did good. Woohoo! Next week, the episode looks like it will be rather weird, though.

There are things that really bother me about the show though. First, Toma is said to have already graduated from M.I.T. That being the case, why the heck is he back in Japanese high school? This is kind of asked of him at least twice in the first episode, but he doesn’t really bother to answer at all.

Additionally, the ending theme. It’s a pretty decent song, and sung by Aoyama Thelma. However, I do wonder if some people will get confused and think that Takitty is the one singing. I do wonder why she isn’t the one doing the theme. Though, it’s possible she wasn’t cast until the deal for the theme song had already been struck.

Third, there are a few too many convenient plot devices for my liking. I’m pretty big into murder mysteries, and while I don’t like them supremely complicated, a bit more complication would be nice. I had the killer pegged in the opening scene, though I didn’t get confirmation for my idea until about 20 minutes into the episode.

I will continue watching this dorama just for Takitty. She’s not a spectacular actress, but I find her pretty believeable in the role. A vast majority of her “bad acting” is done as the character doing bad acting. Judging from the CMs for the show, Takitty in a maid outfit will show up later on, and for me? That’s reason enough to keep watching.

I’m glad to see Takitty doing this. It’s good for her, and can’t really be bad for Morning Musume, or Hello! Project. Tsunku has already talked a bit about how MoMusu will be getting a lot more promotion this year, and I wonder if he considers this part of it. Making Takitty more of a household name will definitely help sales, especially if MoMusu starts doing commercials for their singles.

Much like the music that’s already come out of H!P this year, this is making me look forward to everything to come for this year. I don’t think that H!P will ever get back up to their Golden Era fame, but I’m hoping for a Silver Era, at least.


4 Responses to "Takitty Demonstrates Awesomeness"

Awesome indeed!

It’s funny how my review (er, not really a review) and yours are completely different… ^_^

I agree that the plot was a bit shaky, but the awesomeness of the math totally makes my year … definitely looking forward to Episode 2!

Haha… I saw your “review”. I was surprised you didn’t talk about MIT in it more! The math was pretty awesome (but after your post, I didn’t think I could add anything to it), and I’m still looking forward to more, just wishing that the rest of the cast had pulled it together a bit more. I mean, the acting in “Lunch Queen” was better, and that was almost a reverse-harem show with a side-plot of how to make demiglace sauce. (I only watched it for the food and Yamapi. >_<) Still… I love murder mysteries and Takitty too much to not watch more, and it wasn’t bad at all, really, just not as good as I was hoping.

There are CMs for MoMusu singles, actually. XD;; Pretty much everything MoMusu has a CM.

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