Let’s talk about sex!

Posted on: January 14, 2009

Maybe because I’m getting older than most of the H!P fans I’ve come across lately is why I can look at the latest pictures that have come out of Kago Ai and not react strangely.

Fact of the matter is that there are some girls in the idol world who are getting it on with members of the opposite sex. Tsuji is proof positive of that. Kids don’t just happen without a little nookie, and it usually takes more than once, especially if we assume that either Tsuji or her now-husband were smart enough to use protection. Now, from what I’ve heard from a friend in Japan, contraceptives are not the easiest thing to come by, but I would assume that with both of them being kind of famous, they might be able to afford it at least. Sugiura isn’t even an idol, so would it really have looked so odd for him, at his age, to purchase a pack of prophalactics?

What started the idea of this post was scrolling through the picboard at Hello! Online and seeing the following picture:

Wet Hot

Wet Hot

I won’t try to say that’s the most tastefully done picture ever, but in my opinion? Not so shabby. There’s nothing needlessly showing, the colors are nice, and while it’s a bit “adult”, Kago is 20. Look at what Britney Spears was getting away with at that age. Tight red pleather catsuit, anyone?

Oh Bondage, Up Yours

Oh Bondage, Up Yours

This picture surfaced, too. The outfit Kago has on underneath the purple rope is reminiscient of some of the things she had to wear in her H!P days.  She’s talked about feeling trapped in her “little girl” persona, and this demonstrates that beautifully. Her face here is even a bit more like we saw way back when.

It's Not Black and White

It's Not Black and White.

The above is probably my favorite of the new Kago shots. It’s not dirty, and anyone who thinks it is? They’re a prude. This is just the slightest little hint of sexuality, but again? Everything that should be covered is.

All By Herself

All By Herself

This is the one that’s getting people saying she’s going to start doing AV work any second now. Okay, guys, let’s get serious. Japan does not have a whole lot of actresses who can be both cute and sexy. Ai is proving that she has the look. So she’s naked in these shots. Who cares? She’s still covered. She isn’t putting it all out there for the world to see, but is showing that she is 50 times more comfortable with herself now than she was a few years ago.

The root cause of it all.

The root cause of it all.

The above is the root cause of all of the uproar, I assume. Is this Aibon’s new photobook coming out or something? Regardless, Aibon is 20 years old now. She goes by the nickname “Love Basket” sometimes. It’s more than likely that she’s shared a bed with a guy or two. Heck, look back at her scandals. She went to a hot spring with that one guy. Do you really think that’s all?

Mmm... ribs.

Mmm... ribs.

The above picture also has been getting a lot of flac. Why? Ishikawa Rika is in a very similar pose in her recent photobook, only sitting on a bed instead of lying down. Rika is equally as guilty of having some ribs showing, and even more skin. So long as Aibon is comfortable doing this kind of thing, I don’t care. When she first came back to the “entertainment world” she pretty much said you would never see “little-girl Aibon” again, so why are people up in arms? Eri had a risque photo or two in her latest photobook (yeah… in the plaid? Leaning over the chair?) and I didn’t see these kinds of comments anywhere.

But I suppose the thing is that Ai’s pictures are just a hint more sexual. She’s wearing lingerie instead of bathing suits, and being naked swathed in sheets in a bed, and looking at the camera instead of turning away. Maybe she’s just doing it to get back her fame. Maybe she just got to know this photographer who does a lot of nude photos anyway and got talked into it. For whatever reason, this is the Aibon of today, and I will gladly embrace it. As much as I love W and Mini Moni and old-school Morning Musume, I’m eager to see what Aibon can do outside of all of that.

She can still camp all the way to the top of Fujiyama.

She can still camp all the way to the top of Fujiyama.

The old Aibon is still in there. You can see it sometimes. Okay, you can see it a lot in her blog pics. But she’s older, and she was prevented from doing a lot of her growing up while in the public eye with H!P. Obviously it’s a lot to deal with to go from her old image to her new one, but she’s handling it pretty well. This Aibon seems a lot more stable and consistent, and that could keep her in the entertainment industry for quite a while. The idol industry has a much shorter lifespan.

I applaud Aibon and how great she looks in all of these shots. Her face is stunning, and you can tell how hard she worked to have the body she has now.


3 Responses to "Let’s talk about sex!"

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I don’t like the first pic at all LOL She looks like she’s in an awkward position. But yeah, I also don’t see why people make such a fuss. If you don’t like her PB, then jus don’t buy it. Stop preaching…

It’d be silly of people to liken those bed pictures to AV. The wet picture is ten times more provocative than that bed picture, and she’s not even nude in that one. None of the bed pictures are particular sexual (though she is sexy), and I think they’re rather gorgeous pictures. Like, really really nice pictures. The wet one…eh, the set of her shoulders in that picture just kind of bugs me, lol. I’ve seen Maeda Atsuko from AKB48 recently do similar wet pictures – and she’s 17 – and thought they were fine. Maybe I’m desensitized to gravure now, but I try to just look at everything in terms of the quality of the photography and the person’s beauty and whether it’s at all tasteful or not. I mean, gravure pictures of girls like sticking their asses out to the camera and smiling a happy idol smile…that’s just disgusting. There’s a difference between being sexy and…that.

And I probably should have just written my own blog entry. But uh, well, I’ve never read your blog before, so hi!

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