Yaguchi! Mari me?, and other stuff

Posted on: January 24, 2009

I don’t know how many of you are following along with all of the H!P blogs out there (I’m following all of the ones I can find translated, at least), but Yaguchi Mari announced in her blog a few days ago that… she’ll finally be releasing a solo single! In March! After 4 years of everyone waiting to see if she would! And being pretty sure that if it hadn’t happened yet, well, it just wouldn’t!

Okay. Enough of the !’s.

This is very exciting to me, especially since Yaguchi did a bit on Yaguchi Hitori (one of her several shows) for her birthday which involved singing to the tune of ABBA songs from Mamma Mia! and you know? She sounds great. Almost all of the aspects of her voice that made her sound like a little girl are gone, with just a hint left to remind you that it is Yaguchi Mari and it is awesome.

I, for one, am sooooooo excited. I love Yaguchi. She is wayyyy up on the list of my favorite girls from H!P. I’ll even go ahead and say that she’s above both Captain and Junjun. Maybe even #1! *glomps Yaguchi and doesn’t let go* I just wish it were a little easier to follow all of the stuff that she does.

In other news, PVs for Morning Musume’s “Nai Chau Kamo” and Goto Maki’s “Fly Away” are out. The brief analysis is that both are good, but I actually like Morning Musume’s better. O_O

Now, some further analysis. “Nai Chau Kamo” is a pretty typical Morning Musume video, especially of late. This is the formula that H!P keeps using for them: take a dance shot, make it dark, add some close-ups, and maybe something else that isn’t too different from either of the other things. Other people have called this PV a mix of “As For One Day” and “Iroppoi Jirettai” and boy are they right. Yet, I love both of those, so I’m not complaining. Everyone looks absolutely gorgeous, even Aika and Linlin who I am not fond of in the slightest. Reina looks like a 3 year-old when she’s “crying”, but whatever. Junjun is FIERCE in the dance shot. She’s popping and locking like there’s no tomorrow.

Also, I’m lame and counted how many shots each member of 8th gen got. I did not keep these numbers around, though, but suffice it to say that Junjun came in first, followed by Aika, and trailed by Linlin. Additionally, most of Junjun’s shots are of her. She’s the focus on the shot, whether it’s the dance or the rain shots. Most of Aika and Linlin’s shots come where you see them in the background behind other people. Aika tends to be behind Takahashi in a lot of bits of the dance for this song, so that’s the only reason she’s in it a lot (but still not as much as Junjun).

It does make me happy to see Junjun get embraced even more. You could drop Aika and Linlin from MoMusu for me, and I think the elements that work would be the same. Graduate them and make them a duo for all I care. >_<

For Maki’s PV… well, it’s really not that much different from the standard MoMusu formula, is it? Granted, it’s pretty. Maki looks stunning in every shot. The dance is interesting. Her voice doesn’t sound particularly improved though, but I thought it was good in the first place. I’m not as impressed as I feel I could be, or even should be. I want avex to do better by her, but I guess I can see using this as a trial just to see how people will respond to the ex-H!P image.

Lastly, damn you cute Japanese girls and your nail art. My nails, for whatever reason, have gotten stronger and are growing out, meaning they’re currently long enough for nail art. I only have like 4 colors of nail polish at the moment, but I do have rhinestones and silver glitter, so I’m getting by. Yesterday, I had platinum polish on that I’d dipped into glitter (yes, all over) and topped with several coats of clear polish. But, that chipped, so I took it off and am working on a new design right now. I did a platinum base again, but now I’m using a tiny brush to draw the kanji character for love on my thumbs, and I’m putting CLAMP-style wings on each of the other fingers with a rhinestone at the base of each one. It is love. And I’m probably just getting high off the fumes. ^_^

I suppose I should also touch on Q.E.D. episode 2. I finally got around to watching it. It’s still interesting, and I thought this episode was better acted by everyone. Certain things aren’t made as obvious as they should be along the way, but it’s all stuff you figure out by the end. I’m wondering if I should track down the manga to read just to know everyone’s backstory a bit better. Eh. We’ll see.


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