Just how °C-ute is it?

Posted on: January 27, 2009

°C-ute’s “4 Akogare MY STAR” is out now, and being both bored and a glutton for punishment, I, not a °C-ute fan by any means, will attempt to review it. I’ve listened to everything °C-ute has released before anyway because I *want* to like them… I just don’t. I’ll include my thoughts on the 3 singles included on here as well.

4 Akogare MY STAR

4 Akogare MY STAR

1. ★憧れ My STAR★ (akogare My STAR)
First impression: the initial music sounds too much like their voices. Do not like.

It sounds overdone, and there’s not much melody. I was expecting better because a lot of people had been saying after hearing the preview that this was the BEST °C-ute song EVER! Only, um, no. The only voices I can always pick out in °C-ute songs are Airi and Maimi, and the former sounds great here while the latter has her normal nasally voice that does not appeal to me at all. Oh, good. It’s over. >_<

2. One’s LIFE — 梅田えりか・岡井千聖・萩原舞 (Erika Umeda, Chisato Okai, Mai Hagiwara)
I cannot even begin to take this song seriously. The rapping, the squeaky voices, and weird harmonies. I like Mai, I tolerate Erika, and I make fun of Chisato looking like a leukemia-victim all the time. (I do not understand the appeal of Chisato at ALL, guys. She looks like she’s tan, but has gotten pale because she’s sick. Her hair looks like a wig. I cannot look at her without thinking she’s about to collapse, and do not even try to talk to me about being so mean. I have put pictures of Chisato side by side pictures of leukemia patients wearing wigs, and people have incorrectly chosen which one had leukemia by saying Chisato was the obvious choice.) Good. This one is over now, too.

3. Yes!all my family — 鈴木愛理 (Airi Suzuki)
I *do* like Airi. I liked Tsuugaku Vector, though it’s not one I listen to a lot. So, I’m expecting a lot from this. 30 seconds in, I already think it’ll be the highlight of the album, at the very least.

I get upset that Airi doesn’t get quite as much attention in Buono! as she should. She does have a good voice (a million times better than Momo’s, at least) so it’s nice that she’s getting these solo songs.

This song has a decent beat, and with the exception of the "Woah-oh!" that Airi does around the 3 minute mark, all of her lines sound really good to me. There’s something about the beat used for the song though, that isn’t so appealing, but Airi’s voice drowns most of it out.

4. 涙の色 (Namida no Iro)
This is the song everyone told me would make me love °C-ute, only it doesn’t. It sounds like a group of 10 year-olds doing a strangely arranged version of MoMusu’s Iroppoi Jirettai. It’s just not appealing to me. I’d rather listen to the LALALA song.

5. 愛してる 愛してる (Aishiteru Aishiteru) — 中島早貴・有原栞菜 (Saki Nakajima, Kanna Arihara)
Okay… I like Kanna. I like her voice. But, this song? NO.
Blech. I don’t even like this kind of song. It was bad enough in the 50’s in America, but screeched out not-so-well by one girl I like a lot (Kanna) and one I constantly make fun of (Nakki)… well, this is just painful. Some of the singing bits are not SO horrible, but every part that breaks the rhythm, and the kind-of talking bits? Ugh. Just, no. No, no, no. I had to keep checking to see if this song was almost over. It was not so soon enough. My eardrums will not forgive me until at least next week.

6. 青春ソング (Seishun Song) — 矢島舞美 (Maimi Yajima)
Again… I do not like Maimi’s voice, so I must really hate myself to put myself through this. *listens for a bit* Oh, hi, train wreck! I really hate the sound of Maimi’s voice leading the pack of "shouts". The rest just sounds like she’s singing from a stoma or something. Maimi may be hot, but I do not think she’s the "talent" in °C-ute that everyone says. She may even be the biggest reason I don’t like °C-ute’s music.

I like the beat to this song, just not as sung by this girl. Not over soon enough. Oh my gosh. I’m going ahead and deleting this one so I never have to hear it again.

7. Big dreams
This one sounds like a knock-off version of MoMusu’s "I WISH" at the beginning. Other than that, it is unremarkable. I think I zoned out during it because nothing changed. It’s just the same rhythm over and over again with the occasional call back to the beginning.

What? Do they want to use this song for the next World Cup? The beginning reminds me tremendously of a soccer game. The group singing bits of this song actually sound pretty good. The solo/duet(?) lines don’t really seem to fit together or with this song. Still, for the most part, I’m kind of enjoying this song. I am AMAZED. The end is kind of weak, though.

9. 約束は特にしないわ (Yakusoku wa tokuni shinai wa)
Oh, that’s right. Have to have the ballad-y love song. Now, I like Airi’s voice, but when she comes in on this, she sounds off-key. I don’t think she is, but I don’t think her voice goes well with slower songs too well. Also, omg, Maimi. Shut up. Again, they sound kind of decent all singing together, but not so much on the solo lines. It’s official. °C-ute just needs to sing in unison on every line with the occasional Airi and Kanna solo lines and I’ll like them. Still, I think I felt every second of this song.

I do kind of like the chorus of this song, and I like the instrumental for the most part. I, like most people, do not think they belong in the same song. Airi sounds good, Maimi has less of the stoma-singing than normal, but I still can’t really bring myself to care.

11. 江戸の手毬唄II (Edo no Temari Uta II)
Ah, the handball song. Again, the unison parts are decent. The solo lines ruin it for me.

Favorite song: SHINES. This surprised me. A LOT. Yes!all my family gets honorable mention.
Least favorite: Seishun Song. Omg, Maimi. Please, graduate to only do gravure because I love to look at you, and hate to hear you. Aishiteru Aishiteru gets honorable mention.

Basic consensus on this album? Do Not Want. Call me when °C-ute does an entire song in unison and I’ll probably come along and enjoy, otherwise? Nah. I figure if I’ve listened to 4 albums and all of the singles so far and I still have less tracks than I can count on 1 hand that I find truly listenable, °C-ute just isn’t my group.

Bottom middle. Oh yeah.

Bottom middle. Oh yeah.

Just make Airi and Kanna into a GAM-like group (because they would totally make out on camera, I’m sure) and I will probably fall in love with them, but just how cute is °C-ute? Not enough to overpower my dislike of how they normally sound.

Edit: I should probably clarify the Chisato/leukemia comment. This is something of an inside joke between me and a few other people who were around as I was getting into H!P. For whatever reason, the first few times I saw °C-ute PVs or photos, it did look to me like Chisato was majorly sick. I thought it was amazing that she was in an H!P group, and that she performed even as well as she did (which isn’t to say that I thought she was good, though) when she looked like she was going to keel over any second. I thought this *just* from her looks. There is something about her that in my mind likened her to someone with leukemia, and I’ve seen enough people her age with it to know. When I found out that I was wayyyy wrong, imagine my chagrin. But, I do feel the need to make fun of it.


2 Responses to "Just how °C-ute is it?"

Love the rap/song mix in One’s LIFE. It’s a bit awkward at first, but it’s kinda cool.

I don’t like C-ute either. I haven’t heard their last album, but their majorly nasal voices make it impossible for me to like them. I do love Airi, though. Who doesn’t?

Just randomly posting because I hear all of the H!P fans hyping about how C-ute is SO amazing, and I’ve never understood why. At least I feel less alone this way XD

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