5000 miles down, and more to go

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Well, here we are… just over 7.5 months since I started this blog (with gaps in release here and there and everywhere), and I finally hit my first big “milestone” by passing 5000 hits. So, I figured I’d do a rundown of some stuff on my blog. ^_^

First off, thank you to International Wota for pimping out like half of my posts, without which I’d probably have given up a while ago because as much as this blog is “for me”, there’s really no fun in writing something that no one will read.

Thanks, too, to the people who have blogrolled me or otherwise linked on over.

This actually also marks my 40th post (yeah… I should probably post more, but I don’t tend to post strict news or that many reviews, so…), and it’s interesting to see which posts have had the most hits. At the top of the list is Let’s Talk About Sex, my look into Kago’s newest photobook and why people were reacting the way they were. Next is my Alo-Hello!3 post, which is understandable. But third on the list is H!P Blogs, Eating Disorders, and Hamtaro, which seems a little strange. Yes, it got put up on IW, but it’s such a strange post… Perhaps I should investigate further?

Ah, and there we go. Looking into the search terms that led to my blog, it’s easy to see why the Kago post is do high on the list. Number one? “Bondage”. All because of that one little picture where she was tied up! Number two? “Wet”. So, okay, this probably led to a lot of the Alo-Hello!3 posts, as did numbers three and four, “junjun” and “alo hello 3”. Four, five and six are “kago ai adultism”, “adultism” and “kago ai”. This is followed by “junjun musume”, and then by the inexplicable “genki sex”. Seriously? Sex that is both sex *and* genki? Should I feel honored? Also pretty far up on the list (as I start to skip past some of the boring ones) is “fat lady”. Um… okay… “Naked with bed” is another. “Super lady”, “fat stomach”, “boobs1”, “sakura bondage”, “”thighs”” (yes, in quotations), and “half nude wet girls” all got more than a handful of hits. What’s really hilarious are the ones that only got a hit of two, but still managed to lead to *MY* blog… “day after tomorrow hello,every”… “hot babes show their boobs nakedly”… “the ºc-ute fanged one”… “cute eating banana”… “chicken momo vector”… “naked girls peeing in a cup”… “pant hagiwara mai”… “”up yours” grandma”… “sex mongolian”… “girl’s mirror image reaches through to g”… and this is without looking up some of the particularly strange ones. I remember seeing a few about members of H!P licking each others fat… one about Risako’s pants ripping… not the mention about Nakki being a cannibal. I recall one about “babies stuck in nakajima saki’s teeth” or something like that. It was all rather ridiculous.

So, yeah… one of my goals this year was to post more interesting content, more often. I don’t know if I’ve done it yet or not, but I’m trying. Although, if there’s anything you guys want to see me rant about, just say it. I don’t keep my opinions to myself very well.

To commemorate this special occasion, here’s a PV for you to watch: Rie Fu’s “5000 Miles”. It is epic in its strangeness, perhaps quite like me. ^_^


2 Responses to "5000 miles down, and more to go"

Fantastic affair, didn’t thought reading this was going to be so interesting when I looked at your title.

really ,GOOD I dontt know for this

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