Tsunku Crossing?, and more!

Posted on: April 2, 2009

This is a link to a video of an Animal Crossing video. However… This is a link to the preview of Morning Musume’s “Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu” from Platinum 9 DISC. (It seems no one has bothered to up the song without the introduction monologue.) But, listen to the beginning of the music. It is *very* similar to the style that has been used for the Animal Crossing games, and it really amuses me… especially since it’s a song about adultery.

A few days ago, Elder Club officially left the H!P roster. I’ve written about this before, so I won’t bother shedding tears. The ones we won’t see anymore are the ones we haven’t seen in a while anyway. The others? Well, as fans, we’ll still have to track down what they do, so it won’t be too terribly different from when they were in H!P, except that the info won’t be on the same websites. Those in the M-Line fanclub will probably keep the rest of us posted. ^_~

In a few days, we should have previews of the new Buono! song, as well as the Guardians 4 song. I’m really beginning to hope that Risako is lead on it. Having watched a lot of Berryz concert footage recently, I’m realizing that in the right circumstances, the girl *can* sing. Although, far be it from H!P to give her many of said circumstances in songs. There’s a particular quality to her voice I don’t like, but it’s better than Mitsui’s, and better than Nakki’s, and having just watched the Berikore concert? Well, Yurina sounded like she was trying to gargle a cat who was gargling a frog who was gargling a fly. She continues to not impress me.

I may attempt podcasting soon! Keep an eye out. I have the means. Now I just need something I can talk about for more than 30 seconds with interest. Do something interesting, H!P!!!

My H!P(-ish) Top 10!

My H!P(-ish) Top 10!

Go vote in Paul’s poll to make your own H!P(-ish) Top 10!


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