H!P News Round-up

Posted on: April 23, 2009

So… it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. ;_; I’ve been busy. I should be cleaning my apartment right now instead of posting, but I need the break!

Not a whole lot has really been happening in the H!P world. We’ve got a few new PVs, but that’s about it. Still, I’ll talk about the few things that have been going on.

As we all know, Buono! was supposed to be in Stockholm, Sweden, next month… only that’s been cancelled. Well, the event they were supposed to be at was cancelled. A lot of people are trying to campaign for Buono! to still show up since so many people have non-refundable flights and have rooms booked and everything. miyavi was also supposed to show at the event. So far, no information has really surfaced regarding the decision except that it was done because of the economy. The fact that someone just started this convention and had enough clout to get both Buono! and miyavi to perform leads me to believe that there may be some other underlying cause here that hasn’t yet been addressed.

Speaking of Buono!, though… how about that new PV for “MY BOY”?

This is a fun little romp into the spy-genre. This feels like the kind of thing that °C-ute’s “FOREVER LOVE” should have been, but Buono! does it better. Momoko continues her little girl role, despite being the oldest. She is fail in this PV. She’s the one who nearly gets the group “caught” while Airi looks kind of awesome crawling under lasers (I would have preferred a bit more moving around there) and Miyabi looks incredibly awesome with her jumping in windows and down stairs. Although, is it just me, or do the girls thighs all look a little large in the dance shot portions just because of the super-short shorts/skirt and the thigh-highs?

Then… there’s the new Morning Musume PV.

I saw the incredibly LQ version of this PV where someone had ripped the version that was available to H!P fanclub members for their cell phones, but that was practically painful to watch. It took another week or so before the actual PV was released, and it’s kind of wonderful. H!P is showing that they’re going to be putting more thought into the PVs from now on. The girls are playing collee students, and doing a decent job. Notice how they’re barely going to classes? ^_^ I think I like the scenes best where they’re focusing on one girl and you can see another girl in the background or coming into the scene and interacting with them. They don’t feel forced! I am amazed. Additionally, the girls all look amazing. I even don’t terribly mind looking at Aika and Linlin.

And then there’s the fact that the c/w track will be the theme song for Anime Expo 2009. As in, written specifically for an American audience by Tsunku! I’ve only heard a little preview of the song, and it sounded a bit all-over-the-place to me, but I’m still looking forward to a full version.

Also… in Berryz news… it looks as though they *will* have a double A-side release with their next single. There’s been nothing really confirmed, however there are going to be 2 seperate Single-Vs for this release. One is listed as “Seishun Bus Guide” and the other is listed as “Rival”. I am looking forward to PVs.

Yaguchi Mari is giving in to her gaming roots! She’s done two commercials for Wii (CM1, CM2), and she’s also writing a column for a gaming magazine now. That’s our Gooch, huh? ^_^

Also? °C-ute’s new single has been announced. No one knows yet whether Kanna will be back to participate in it. I can only hope, though!


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“My Boy” is a breakthrough song. Morning Musume’s latest PV is … breathtaking.

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