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Most H!P fans will know by now that Arihara Kanna, the only non-H!P-Kids member of °C-ute, is currently on a pretty big hiatus for… bunions.

Now, before this incident, I had only a very slight idea what bunions were or how they were treated, but now I’ve researched. (This is a pretty informative site.) Now… I question whether Kanna will really come back.

°C-ute is releasing another single soon… one without Kanna. They’ll tour… without Kanna. There will likely be no new Kanna merchandise, no Kanna looking lovely in the PV, or being spastic in the making-of… And, really? Maybe she’s better off this way.

Both Berryz and °C-ute started as 8-nin groups. I argue that Berryz got better after losing Maiha, but °C-ute got worse. They are the leftovers from when Berryz were culled from the H!P Kids, and though the original intention was for the girls to rotate in and out? Berryz were good enough like they were that Tsunku left them alone, and went about making the rest of the girls into °C-ute… but not without deciding that they’d be better off 8-strong. Kanna fit the bill, it seems, and her Egg cracked so she could become one of the big girls. We all know I love Kanna best of all the °C-ute girls, but maybe I just see what Tsunku saw… a girl who is grateful for anything she gets… an idol who shows the full spectrum of her personality from surly to sad to happy to Airi-loving…

But, this is not supposed to be a Kanna-love post, so let’s get back on topic.

Fact: in the idol business, you will be on your feet a lot.
Fact: in the idol business, you may be required to wear shoes that are not the best for your feet.
Fact: in the idol business, if you’re not there, you’re forgotten.

Yet, after bunion surgery, Kanna will need to be careful of how much time she spends on her feet, let along doing things like dancing and exercising. She’ll have shoe restrictions for the rest of her life. She’ll have lovely scars on her feet. She’s already the least popular member of the group, and not being there for a single *and* a tour? That’s practically a death sentence to her popularity.

So, Kanna will likely come back… but I expect the group to have closed off to her a bit in her absence, and while she may get some more fans from this, I’m sure that a lot of the ones who were only haphazardly fans of hers will move on to the girls who *are* there. I don’t expect her coming back to work well at all. In fact, I expect her to graduate from the group eventually (as in… relatively soon thereafter).

What I expect her to do after that, I don’t know. I’d like to see her as a soloist. She’s got the looks, and I think she’s a lot more charming than Matsuura Aya or Manoeri… and maybe if she’s not surrounded by other girls that she’s more than willing to let shine instead of her, some kind of competitive streak will form in her that will allow her to get out there and make a name for herself. I have faith that she can, though I know the soloist thing isn’t her choice to make.

I want the best for everyone involved here, and Kanna does not deserve to be the least loved of °C-ute. She deserves to be better-loved than Manoeri… especially since Kanna is cuter, and can actually sing. (This goes for Ayaya as well. Fake cute is not that cute!)

And to prove, in a way, that Kanna has the potential to grow to become a great soloist?

Here’s Kanna on Hello Pro Hour singing “I WISH”:

And here it is again a few years later at a solo FC event:

Note the marked difference? More confidence, more cute expressions (that are sometimes sexy), and her voice had improved drastically. Now? Go back and listen to “4 Akogare My Star” and notice how Kanna starts off several of the songs. That’s her in the title track as well as “SHINES”, and the only worthwhile lines in “Aishiteru Aishiteru” are her’s to command. Left to wallow in the Maimi/Airi show with only the occasional glimmer of her own limelight, I don’t see Kanna flourishing as an idol, despite the fact that she’s gotten prettier. Given time and space and H!P backing her as more than a glorified back-up singer/dancer… I can see Kanna doing wonderful things.

Yes, this jumped from “Hey, Kanna has bunions!” to “Kanna should be a soloist!”.