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Rather than attempting to write knowledgeably about the Taiwan New Star! auditions, I’ll lead you here to the Stardust blog where you can see pictures and someone else’s impressions of the girls. I’ve watched very little of the auditions, but I have watched Lightbulb. I like her.

Also! American Wota is back. It was the first H!P blog I ever visited, so it’s nice to have it back. (The Wota Distractions were missed. ;_;)

Just a few more days before MoMusu’s “Pepper Keibu” single is released. Additionally, Ayaya’s “Aya the Witch” DVD, Ongaku Gatas’ “Come Together” and a new Sayumi photobook.

I’ve very ready to see a new version of the “Pepper Keibu” PV. While I like the one that’s out, I want a better dance shot, and I want one that has something else, too, maybe? I doubt they’ll pull out as many versions as they did for “Resonant Blue”, but it would be odd to just have the one.

In other news, it seems that Chinami from Berryz either lost her cellphone, or it was stolen. Regardless, the police seem to be on the lookout for it. Pictures from said phone have been leaked, though people better with picture technology than I am have stated that the pictures come from more than one type of phone. It *is* possible that Chinami had uploaded them online from an older phone and a newer phone, or some of the pictures were sent by other girls or something. Still, they’re rather candid photos, though nothing “bad” appears in them. I don’t support this “leak”, so I won’t post the pictures myself, but if you’re industrious enough, you’re sure to find them.

This makes me think of an article I read last week or so about a guy who tried to go 48 hours without using Google in any way. He completely failed. From checking his e-mail to getting a map to needing to know a currency exchange, Google was there. It makes me wonder if I could go without H!P websites for 2 days. I’m constantly checking lyrics, release dates, news and opinion posts, looking at pictures… I’m sure I could do it, but I have gotten to the point where I don’t consciously follow H!P. It just kind of happens. How about you guys?