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First up in the H!P world? Fujimoto Miki is getting MARRIED! Read more. She’s totally marrying the dude she had her scandal with two years ago, and I’m glad to see it. She has totally pulled the wool over the eyes of her fans and the tabloids alike, and that’s great because it gives us hope that the girls we know and love might not actually be quite so lonely as it might seem.

Next up? New Shugo Chara unit! Read more. The unit is called Guardians 4, and will consist of Mitsui Aika from Momusu, Nakajima Saki from °C-ute, and Sugaya Risako and Kumai Yurina from Berryz. They’ll be doing the next opening. I am… so not impressed. While it draws fun Buono! parallels from the fact that it is once again 2 members from Berryz, yet only 1 from °C-ute, the entire unit is pretty much a “My least favorite H!P members” unit. While I don’t terribly mind Socko and The Tall One, and Nakajima has grown on me just a little, little bit, the inclusion of Mittsui makes me gag. I couldn’t even get through her solo song on Platinum 9 because I hate her voice so much, and I even put it on random the first time I listened so as to try to take out as much bias as I could. Didn’t work. So, yeah… I will give this group a listen, but I will likely mock it relentlessly.

For you lovers on Youtube-ing the H!P concerts, by the way, it seems the 2 Winter 2009 concerts are up. I watched almost all of the Elder Club concert last night (though the graduation concert itself doesn’t release until April 15th, so that’ll be a bit longer, obviously) and I will probably devote a section of today to watching the Wonderful Hearts version. I’ve already watched a handful of the songs… Takitty’s interpretation of “Mr. Moonlight” is amazing, and Berryz killed everything I’ve watched so far, too.

Oh… happy LATE 2nd birthday to International Wota. I have been following along for almost all of that time, although I always thought they’d been around longer than I had… but that’s not so! I’ve been in H!P fandom strongly for only a few more months than IW has been around.

Later today I’m doing an EPIC POST. Keep an eye out! ^_~