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Maybe because I’m getting older than most of the H!P fans I’ve come across lately is why I can look at the latest pictures that have come out of Kago Ai and not react strangely.

Fact of the matter is that there are some girls in the idol world who are getting it on with members of the opposite sex. Tsuji is proof positive of that. Kids don’t just happen without a little nookie, and it usually takes more than once, especially if we assume that either Tsuji or her now-husband were smart enough to use protection. Now, from what I’ve heard from a friend in Japan, contraceptives are not the easiest thing to come by, but I would assume that with both of them being kind of famous, they might be able to afford it at least. Sugiura isn’t even an idol, so would it really have looked so odd for him, at his age, to purchase a pack of prophalactics?

What started the idea of this post was scrolling through the picboard at Hello! Online and seeing the following picture:

Wet Hot

Wet Hot

I won’t try to say that’s the most tastefully done picture ever, but in my opinion? Not so shabby. There’s nothing needlessly showing, the colors are nice, and while it’s a bit “adult”, Kago is 20. Look at what Britney Spears was getting away with at that age. Tight red pleather catsuit, anyone?

Oh Bondage, Up Yours

Oh Bondage, Up Yours

This picture surfaced, too. The outfit Kago has on underneath the purple rope is reminiscient of some of the things she had to wear in her H!P days.  She’s talked about feeling trapped in her “little girl” persona, and this demonstrates that beautifully. Her face here is even a bit more like we saw way back when.

It's Not Black and White

It's Not Black and White.

The above is probably my favorite of the new Kago shots. It’s not dirty, and anyone who thinks it is? They’re a prude. This is just the slightest little hint of sexuality, but again? Everything that should be covered is.

All By Herself

All By Herself

This is the one that’s getting people saying she’s going to start doing AV work any second now. Okay, guys, let’s get serious. Japan does not have a whole lot of actresses who can be both cute and sexy. Ai is proving that she has the look. So she’s naked in these shots. Who cares? She’s still covered. She isn’t putting it all out there for the world to see, but is showing that she is 50 times more comfortable with herself now than she was a few years ago.

The root cause of it all.

The root cause of it all.

The above is the root cause of all of the uproar, I assume. Is this Aibon’s new photobook coming out or something? Regardless, Aibon is 20 years old now. She goes by the nickname “Love Basket” sometimes. It’s more than likely that she’s shared a bed with a guy or two. Heck, look back at her scandals. She went to a hot spring with that one guy. Do you really think that’s all?

Mmm... ribs.

Mmm... ribs.

The above picture also has been getting a lot of flac. Why? Ishikawa Rika is in a very similar pose in her recent photobook, only sitting on a bed instead of lying down. Rika is equally as guilty of having some ribs showing, and even more skin. So long as Aibon is comfortable doing this kind of thing, I don’t care. When she first came back to the “entertainment world” she pretty much said you would never see “little-girl Aibon” again, so why are people up in arms? Eri had a risque photo or two in her latest photobook (yeah… in the plaid? Leaning over the chair?) and I didn’t see these kinds of comments anywhere.

But I suppose the thing is that Ai’s pictures are just a hint more sexual. She’s wearing lingerie instead of bathing suits, and being naked swathed in sheets in a bed, and looking at the camera instead of turning away. Maybe she’s just doing it to get back her fame. Maybe she just got to know this photographer who does a lot of nude photos anyway and got talked into it. For whatever reason, this is the Aibon of today, and I will gladly embrace it. As much as I love W and Mini Moni and old-school Morning Musume, I’m eager to see what Aibon can do outside of all of that.

She can still camp all the way to the top of Fujiyama.

She can still camp all the way to the top of Fujiyama.

The old Aibon is still in there. You can see it sometimes. Okay, you can see it a lot in her blog pics. But she’s older, and she was prevented from doing a lot of her growing up while in the public eye with H!P. Obviously it’s a lot to deal with to go from her old image to her new one, but she’s handling it pretty well. This Aibon seems a lot more stable and consistent, and that could keep her in the entertainment industry for quite a while. The idol industry has a much shorter lifespan.

I applaud Aibon and how great she looks in all of these shots. Her face is stunning, and you can tell how hard she worked to have the body she has now.


One question that some of the members of H!P have been asked is… “What is your charm point?” Some of them know. Others, not so much. So, I’ve gone through all of Wonderful Hearts and “found” a charm point for each girl… that little reason we get so fascinated. It’s both a reason for picspam, and a hopefully interesting insight into H!P fans and why they love the girls they do. It may be a physical characteristic, a flaw, or a little piece of their personality that pops up quite often. So, here we go!

Takahashi Ai is up first, again. What’s her charm point? High kicks and getting sweaty at concerts. ^_^

Next, Niigaki Risa! Her genki-ness (and curly hair) are where I find her charm.

Tanaka Reina’s easy, isn’t she? The wonky eye! (She winks so much in pictures to hide it.)

Michishige Sayumi is the “cute” one, but the extra charm is in Usa-chan PEACE!

Kamei Eri harkens back to her “turtleness” quite often. It’s charming!

Kusumi Koharu is especially known for how much she acts like an anime character.

Mitsui Aika is so not a favorite of mine, but I kind of find her forehead charming!

Junjun? Well, the bananas for sure, but also? Her thighs and chubby cheeks!

Linlin’s charm? Her puppy-dog eyes. As I don’t like dogs at all, that’s probably where my hate comes from.

Sugaya Risako’s odd charm? Her nostrils.

Natsuyaki Miyabi’s charm is easy to see… because it’s her chin!

Tsugunaga Momoko doesn’t have the cutest face, so she makes up for it with her pinky finger!

Sudou Maasa’s charm is her pillow-lips.
Kumai Yurina is the tallest girl in H!P, isn’t she? It works for her!

Tokunaga Chinami? It’s allllllll in the legs.

Shimizu Saki? It’s all in the eyebrows and cheesy grin.

Yajima Maimi? It’s all about how she looks in short shorts.

Suzuki Airi’s charm is in both her smile, and her kappa love.

Hagiwara Mai? I personally think it’s her DJ Maimai personality.

Umeda Erika is a bit long in the teeth, but it works for her!

Nakajima Saki? It’s got to be the mouth (and the cannibalism?).

Okai Chisato? I mostly hear people talking about loving her bad hair.

Arihana Kanna has her lesbianism. (She’s going to grab you! Be careful, girls!)

And, to round it all out, Mano Erina! What else could it be? The exuberant grin.

If you feel that I haven’t properly shown the charm of your favorite idol, let it inspire a blog post about that girl’s charms. Picspam us all!

I just want you guys to know that I went through more pages of the Hello! Online picboard than I really want to remember to find all of the pics for this rather pic-heavy post. (Over 500 pages. >_< )

So, anyway… I browse said picboard occasionally and have noticed something: H!P tends to reuse costumes! That’s not to say that what Takahashi Ai wore two years ago some Egg is wearing now, but they do consistently reuse themes and ideas, and possibly even fabric? I’ve gone through and found 20 examples of this. There may be a few instances in here where the similar costumes were from the same event, but I don’t think there are any where I’m only comparing those possibilities.

Let’s start out with the ones that make the most sense:
Morning Coffee is part of the whole reason that H!P even exists, so it’s no wonder they keep coming back to the red plaid. It looks good on the girls, especially the pleated skirts. The particular tartan changes up a bit, but generally stays just red and black. I had kilts like that as a little girl. (My grandmother is from Scotland. ^_^ )

Next, there’s the tradition of the huge concert where everyone gets a similar outfit!
Those are from 2 different years, as any fan can tell, but on first glance (or so I’m basing on a few friends and my husband) they look close enough to be “really similar”. Each group gets a different color, and every outfit is a bit different, so it’s really easy for two “sets” to blend together.

But what about when H!P plays up to stereotypes?

We’ve got the girls dressed in suits:

And as princes:

And cops:

Not to mention OL:

And the girls in kimono:

And, the All-American fantasy, cheerleaders:

But on top of that, sometimes they’ll do a bunch of similar outfits in similar colors!
These two *might* be part of the same set, but they’re hideous in entirely different ways, and I’m having a hard time really looking at them to tell.

Sparkly, frilly, and red is an H!P equation for win.

Because, really, who can’t remember all of the people complaining about how much the “Onna ni Sachi Are” costumes looked like the “The Peace” costumes?

But, perhaps the best ones of these to look at are the ones that seem like they were designed to match, but weren’t (or at least weren’t to my knowledge).

Mini-kimonos? Last I checked, they weren’t too popular outside of the Sakura Mankai video, but here’s Yaguchi wearing one again. (And, yes, I know the first one is Konkon.)

When I first saw this shot of Chisato, I immediately though of Berryz Koubou’s “Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai” video, even though I hadn’t watched it in quite a while.

These outfits look way too similar to not be related, don’t they? The splotches of different brights colors, the poofs in the similar areas, but they definitely have their differences.

Shall we welcome the newest member of High-King? Oh, wait. Oops! That’s just an Ayaya tour outfit. But, the resemblance is a bit scary. If it weren’t for the print on the sleeves, she’d fit right in.

Then Reina showed up as the latest member of Berryz Kamen in her new photobook!

And then we have Satoda Mai, Charmy and Yossie ready to hop into a Morning Musume concert to perform Pepper Keibu!

This actually might be the same outfit, but there are some very slight differences. The tie’s a different color, the shorts are slightly shorter for the one the Egg is wearing, and the pockets on those shorts are bigger. (I am quite the seamstress and notice these lame details.) If they are supposed to be the same outfit, why are the eggs wearing them now? (Or was this first picture mislabeled? I don’t recognize it as a member of Berryz…)

Airi’s ready to go back in time to join this photoshoot for MoMusu’s “I WISH”. Her green is a bit darker, but the similarity is a bit uncanny.

Finally, we also get the kind of costumes that the girls get to wear variations of…
It appears that Momo is happy to serve… burgers and fries?

That’s all for now, folks. Tune in soon for another picspam post with the girls “charm points”. And, no, that’s not a euphemism for breasts.

Okay, lame title, I know. ^_^ But, I’m listening to the Dschinghis Khan Tarutaru Mix, so I guess I’m feeling lame?

First up! A review of 5(FIVE)! And too many exclamation points!!!

C'mon, guys, we can count!

HAPPY!stand Up – I think I wouldn’t mind this being a single. It’s damn catchy with some great harmonizing going in. In a way, it reminds me of a less-produced Yattarouze! which I think is a great thing. The melody is low key, but interesting, and doesn’t suffer from any member take-overs like most of their songs. I’m having problems hearing any Risako in this, though, but maybe that’s sometimes a good thing? I don’t hate the girl, but I do wonder why she’s the face of Berryz. Is it only the pedoliciousness?

Kono Yubi Tomare (Momoko, Chinami, Maasa) – This immediately reminded me of 1980’s American TV show openings until the girls started singing. I think these girls don’t exactly work together, but they’re definitely trying. Momoko’s voice is so *different* from most people’s that if she doesn’t work to make it fit, it doesn’t. She’s just a bit off here, I guess, so I think this song is kind of forgettable.

Baka ni Shinai de (Shimizu, Miyabi, Kumai, Risako) – This is soooo my favorite style of music to listen to with the Eurobeat and, y’know, Captain. I do wish there was more Captain, but I also adore her beyond all other Berryz members, so I suppose that’s understandable.

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance – This one I don’t feel like I really need to review, but… suffice it to say that this made it onto a very exclusive mix CD that I keep in my car. I love this song no matter how long and ridiculous it is. I dance to it a lot. Ridiculously.

Ah Merry-go-round (Shimizu, Momoko) – Yay! Captain! And Squeaky-Toy! (Is this the return of the exclamation points? I think so!) I think that the backing track should have been a little lower for a lot of this song. There are times I’m having trouble hearing the girls. However, I love Captain’s intro and I love the bits where they’re singing together. Separately, they seem like they wouldn’t really work together vocal-wise, so it was surprising to me that their voices blend so well. I’d like to hear these girls do more together, but something different. Let them rap, maybe? ^_~ !!!

CLAP! (Chinami, Miyabi, Kumai) – For a song about clapping, Miyabi doesn’t sound very genki at all. I was hoping this would be a lot more energetic. ;_; And that Miyabi wouldn’t dominate the lines the girls share. But, FAIL! I actually ended up skipping past the second half of this song. It just didn’t catch me and Yurina particularly seems to stumble through it which also turned me off.

REAL LOVE (Sugaya Risako) – I like the beat to this song, but what of Risako’s vocals? *listens more* They sound a lot more careful than she normally works with, but it fits the type of song. I can honestly imagine a duet between Risako and Reina from MoMusu working well. They both have wonky voices, but I think they’re the kind of wonky that could work well together. I can understand this song getting its fair share of fans, though it’s a little too R&B for my tastes, maybe? Not my favorite, but I’m not minding listening to it.

Yume o Ichi Tsubu ~Berryz Kobo Ending Theme~ Berryz Kamen – I’m a bit confused by this song. It sounds almost Russian with bits of a music box mixed in? Also, why didn’t they put this as the last song? Even if it was just from the Berryz Kamen vs. Cutie Ranger concert, it’s still an ending theme, and that would have been perfect to put at… the end! It also felt even shorter than it was, somehow. Not particularly listenable, though memorable?

Dschinghis Khan – This is the other Berryz song that made it onto my super mix CD. I like it when Berryz channels Mini Moni or something, don’t I? I like them genki, silly, and remixed, I guess? I find myself singing this song at work. A LOT.

Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi – This was the first Berryz song to come out after I got into H!P. I know I had the PV downloaded, but maybe I just completely forgot the song when I deleted it? I could have sworn it was a ballad, but, um, totally not? Still kind of forgettable to me despite being very upbeat. But, Captain gets lines, so I have to listen at least a little bit?

BE – Is this the only true ballad on here? *listens closer* It sounds… a little out of tune for parts of it, and not just the parts that seem like they were intended to sound like that. I like the melody, but the overall effect is kind of weird.

Special Generation ~ Eccentric Remix – I must come forth and say that techno remixes make me ecstatic, and this one is no different. It is definitely eccentric with the mix drawing from possibly every kind of music that’s out there from rock to lullabies to big band. It’s catchy to me, but I can definitely understand thinking it’s too much, or that you don’t like techno with Berryz voices, or whatever, or that you’re just completely tired of this song. Special Generation was my first Berryz love, so this song too will hold a spot in my music-loving heart. I’ve heard people complain about Maasa in this song since she “sounds too mature”. Maybe because her vocals are the only ones that got added in, so she’s the only one with her “current” voice in it? I think this might be why she’s only got one non-group song on the album. She still got to record two?

And, as an additional review: the above-mentioned Dschinghis Khan TaruTaru remix!

I really wasn’t expecting this to work. But, it’s damn catchy. Are Berryz going to catch on in Europe now? Maybe that’s Tsunku’s plan… MoMusu will take over Asia and Berryz will take over Europe? Just don’t send C-ute as the American ambassadors or I’ll have to move to Germany or something. >_< This is already a very upbeat song, but this makes it even moreso somehow.

Final conclusion on both fronts? I love Berryz even more. Yeah, maybe they’re not as vocally competent as a some other H!P factions, but they have serious energy, and Captain rocks my world with the bit parts they let her have. So, Captain picspam, go!


Reina and I have this thing, see… Back when I first got into H!P? She was my favorite. It had 99% to do with her looks, I’m sure. Again, Kanashimi Twilight was the first “new” release that I was with MoMusu for, and Reina is utter hotness in it. Her accessories were to die for. I wanted her skirt. Her boots. Her hair. Her. Whatever.

As we went along, though, I realized that she of the wonky eye did indeed have a wonky eye, more salivating wota than were necessary, and photobooks that were true wank material. I love to look at the girl, even if she could stand to gain a few pounds (mostly of toned muscle). She pulls off some of the most ridiculous outfits with ease.

You wore this in Hawaii?

You wore this in Hawaii?

This brings me to the overall note I’m going for here. Reina loves the leg warmers, and so do I. In fact, I just bought two pairs. One grey knit pair(not too unlike the ones above), and one black and hot pink striped pair that will match brilliantly with my likewise patterned arm warmers.

So, Reina, you may have next to no personality, and you may not be a consistent singer, and you may disdain vegetables in the same breath you disdain your weight, but I love your choice in stand-alone leg garments. Forever, our calves will delight in the warm embrace of… well… fashion?

I want to discuss blogs with you guys. And, amazingly, not blogs like this one. (Although, International Wota recommends me now. Thanks!) I want to talk about blogs of H!P members past and present. Hello! Online posts translations of the blogs of Aibon, Nakazawa Yuko, and Maki Goto. Aibon’s is an interesting insight into the way she’s had to change to try to make it as a different kind of idol. There are a lot of entries about food and appearances, but if you’re an Aibon fan, even those can be kind of interesting. Yuko’s is pretty new. She’s a little more straightforward with her blogging, and obviously more adult. Gomaki’s was only used briefly back when she was training for avex, although she did have a different blog before that which no one seemed to really care about. Still, the best part? The pictures. Candid shots. No make-up shots. At home relaxing shots. It’s getting to see your idols for the people they are when they’re not on stage… well, at least a little. I’d definitely like to see more H!P personalities get blogs and talk about the things they do other than perform.

Hello! Online also posts translations of Pocket Morning Weekly, well, weekly… 95% of the time, the questions are un-interesting, although the girls do sometimes come up with some interesting answers. Still, do I care how the members of Morning Musume like their miso? No. Not in the slightest. However, the latest translation brings to light something that I hadn’t really thought about before… possible eating disorders among idols.

The question is something like, “If you had a magical piece of paper that you could write one wish on to come true, what would that wish be?” Some of the girls have relatively predictable answers. Takahashi wants to be taller (because that’s the only thing keeping her from dropping Morning Musume and joining Takarazuka full time?), Sayumi wants perfect pitch (so Tsunku will give her more lines that aren’t screaming?), LinLin wants a magic steak (because that’s more PC than fresh baby), Koharu and Aika want to never be sick again, and then there’s JunJun and Reina… who want to be skinnier.

I touched on the JunJun thing last post… She’s tall, so she’s not heavy for her height in the slightest, but because of the ridiculously small frames of the other MoMusu members, she does look bigger than she would in a crowd of normal-sized Chinese people. She’s even lost some weight since joining MoMusu, but singing, dancing, practicing and training will do that to you naturally. No big deal. When responding to this question, she even puts in an “lol” because she’s not that serious about it. That’s cool, JunJun. I love you even more, somehow.

Reina, though… she puts that she’s ashamed. (Now, granted, her wish was something like “To go back to the first year of middle school… or be thinner [ashamed;].) Still, Reina? You’re arguably the skinniest girl in Morning Musume. Your legs practically don’t exist. Your problem? Is that you have hips that prevent you from getting much skinnier. Too bad, so sad. Eat a cheeseburger. Yet, Reina’s never really worn a lot of tight clothing in her tenure of MoMusu. She’ll wear some for photobooks, but she never looks really happy in a bathing suit, especially if she’s facing the camera head-on. Most of what she wears is her “baggy Yankee fashion”. Girls with great bodies tend not to cloak themselves like this. Girls with eating disorders do.

But, there are girls in H!P who are even more likely to be secretly anorexic. Anyone notice how skinny Tsuji got for W? Anyone notice Rika’s ribs in most of her bikini shots that came after Viyuuden began? Then there’s the other end of the spectrum. Anyone notice how chubby Aibon got right before W? Anyone notice how Mika was swaddled in layers for the later Mini Moni singles?

It’s not too different from the American entertainment world, though. When all eyes are on you, you either stress and lose control, or you control yourself too much.

I hope JunJun doesn’t lose another pound, especially not from her chubby cheels. And I hope Reina gets some help to realize that she’ll still be wanted if she looks healthy rather than emaciated.

Lastly, I was looking up the lyrics to “Tottoko no Uta”, the first Tottoko Hamutaro opening song (Japanese version of Hamtaro if you couldn’t tell) because I like to sing along with it, but constantly misremember the order of the verses. I haven’t done so since I started my H!P love affair, it seems, or else I’m sure I would have laughed much sooner about the fact that this song in all of its goofy, “Trotting Hamtaro, I love sunflower seeds!”-ness was written by Tsunku. It’s no wonder that Mini-moni did a bunch of songs for it, then! Tsunku already had an in.

I’ll probably do some pic-spam later today or tomorrow since we all know that blogs aren’t successful as only walls of text. In fact, here, a pic of unhappy almost-naked Reina.

"I'd like to be thinner," my ass. >_<

I occasionally surf the Hello! Online pic board just to see what’s new. Inevitably, I end up looking at 10 pages of pics of Junjun and Captain.

Today, Junjun came first, and I noticed something that’s really pissing me off! They’re trying to make Junjun look fat. >_<

Look at her outfits in Resonant Blue. A black vest over a baggy shirt. A muumuu resembling shirt when she’s sitting down to eat with Linlin. And it seems like over half of the shots taken of her for official H!P pictures have her in some sort of stomach-concealing garb. This is despite everyone loving Junjun’s larger thighs, and despite her not having a fat stomach to begin with. Look!

Look at this sexiness!

Look at this sexiness!

And this!

And this!



But, no. They insist on putting her in ugly things half the time. Is it because she’s rising up the popularity charts pretty fast? Either way, there’s no excuse for stealing the poor sacks from potatoes and making her wear them.

Blah... hag's wear!

Blah... hag's wear!

Poor Junjun. You can come live with me in America and I’ll give you pretty things to wear.

Also, I’ve figured out why I don’t like Linlin!

From the get-go, her voice grated on me, though that’s normally not enough to make me such a hater. But, really, it’s that she doesn’t look like an idol to me. She doesn’t have particularly cute or beautiful or even striking features, unless you count it as “struck” instead. She looks like she got a few too many slaps across the face and didn’t see the doctor after each one. Maybe now that’s she’s gotten a hair cut, I’ll like her better? We’ll see. I’ve changed my mind about MoMusu members before. (Reina, Kei, Yuko, Konkon…)