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I said yesterday that Takahashi Ai has caused Morning Musume to go down the tubes, and I’ll talk more about that now.

It’s a well-known “fact” among Hello! Project fans that Golden Era Morning Musume lasted through 4th Gen. And, what gen is Takahashi Ai? Exactly. 5th. Only, from the get go, she outshone (talent-wise) many of the other girls already in MoMusu, even though she didn’t have the charisma a lot of them had. She started getting a lot of solo lines pretty early on, and a more prominent spot for dancing. Notice that Gaki-san, who joined at the same time, is still relegated to the back a bit. Takahashi is a strong singer, a strong dancer, and that’s why she gets leads. She can carry them off with no problem in concert. She may sweat like a pig doing it, but she hardly ever even goes flat on a note. Try saying that about almost any other girl in Hello! Project. There are a lot of them who are very inconsistent.

Yet, Morning Musume has never been a group that’s all about the vocal talent. I don’t think I have to name names because everyone knows them. Yet, a lot of the girls who are not great singers have the biggest following. Note that Aibon and Tsuji were the Two Top, yet only one of them could really sing during their tenure in MoMusu. By the time they formed W, Tsuji’s voice had improved, though she was also starting to sing a lot more songs in her normal register. Yet, that had nothing to do with W’s success. It was Aibon and Tsuji without those pesky other girls hogging the spotlight.

Takahashi is the only MoMusu member who can get up and sing almost every lyric and dance almost every step in a concert and still be ready to go for more. She’s consistent. Yet, constantly, there’s that question of “But, is she interesting?” I think she is, but that’s because I like talent. I think that Takahashi is coming into her own more and more, and she’s leaving Morning Musume behind. Yet, with her there as leader singing almost every line, all of the other girls are relegated to being backup singers and dancers. Get her out of there before the other girls rebel! Sayumi has already started voicing her discontent, though she’s doing it in a smart way… a way that promotes her more and makes *her* more interesting. Sayumi *is* a smart girl, and we’ll see more of that as time goes by.

Even if you get rid of Takahashi, you’re back to a group of 8 girls (like 1st and 2nd gen MoMusu together) who can still do some amazing stuff. It could put the whole thing back on track to sell another million copies of something.

Now, note that I adore Takahashi before reading the next comment: she’s cancerous for Morning Musume because she is getting everything that everyone in the group should be getting. If Tsunku wants to put all of his effort into her, rather than the group, he needs to either send her solo or put her with other girls who are a little closer to her level.

I don’t think that this is something to “blame” on her, or that’s her “fault”. It’s just a natural progression of things as they were set in place.

My only concern about Takahashi graduating is… will there be another girl shoved into her “spot” who won’t be able to handle it, or will Tsunku do what should have been done a long time ago with Morning Musume and get something resembling an equal line distribution?