Having gotten tired of the lack of customization available with the blog, I’m moving. Where to?

Now, you may be questioning why I went to a hosted site rather than just paying for better WordPress stuff. The answer? Because my hosting and domain name registration is free for 2 years, thanks to a dinky little geocities account I used to have.

Geocities is going out of business. DreamHost is therefore giving the first 1000 people who put the words “I’m off to DreamHost!” on their existing Geocities site 2 free years of domain name registration and site hosting with unlimited file storage and bandwidth. Yeah… I couldn’t say no. (Find more info here at the bottom of the page.)

So, I’m moving. And, while I’m at it, I may build up the rest of the site into something. I’m sorely tempted to do an H!P scandal/bash wiki. That way, everyone who comes to my site to find out about “fat risako stomach” and “arihara kanna and johnny’s guy” will actually find what they’re looking for.

All new posts will be at the new blog starting… soon. I have an idea for my next big post, but it’ll take a bit of time in order to get it all together. ^_^


So… it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. ;_; I’ve been busy. I should be cleaning my apartment right now instead of posting, but I need the break!

Not a whole lot has really been happening in the H!P world. We’ve got a few new PVs, but that’s about it. Still, I’ll talk about the few things that have been going on.

As we all know, Buono! was supposed to be in Stockholm, Sweden, next month… only that’s been cancelled. Well, the event they were supposed to be at was cancelled. A lot of people are trying to campaign for Buono! to still show up since so many people have non-refundable flights and have rooms booked and everything. miyavi was also supposed to show at the event. So far, no information has really surfaced regarding the decision except that it was done because of the economy. The fact that someone just started this convention and had enough clout to get both Buono! and miyavi to perform leads me to believe that there may be some other underlying cause here that hasn’t yet been addressed.

Speaking of Buono!, though… how about that new PV for “MY BOY”?

This is a fun little romp into the spy-genre. This feels like the kind of thing that °C-ute’s “FOREVER LOVE” should have been, but Buono! does it better. Momoko continues her little girl role, despite being the oldest. She is fail in this PV. She’s the one who nearly gets the group “caught” while Airi looks kind of awesome crawling under lasers (I would have preferred a bit more moving around there) and Miyabi looks incredibly awesome with her jumping in windows and down stairs. Although, is it just me, or do the girls thighs all look a little large in the dance shot portions just because of the super-short shorts/skirt and the thigh-highs?

Then… there’s the new Morning Musume PV.

I saw the incredibly LQ version of this PV where someone had ripped the version that was available to H!P fanclub members for their cell phones, but that was practically painful to watch. It took another week or so before the actual PV was released, and it’s kind of wonderful. H!P is showing that they’re going to be putting more thought into the PVs from now on. The girls are playing collee students, and doing a decent job. Notice how they’re barely going to classes? ^_^ I think I like the scenes best where they’re focusing on one girl and you can see another girl in the background or coming into the scene and interacting with them. They don’t feel forced! I am amazed. Additionally, the girls all look amazing. I even don’t terribly mind looking at Aika and Linlin.

And then there’s the fact that the c/w track will be the theme song for Anime Expo 2009. As in, written specifically for an American audience by Tsunku! I’ve only heard a little preview of the song, and it sounded a bit all-over-the-place to me, but I’m still looking forward to a full version.

Also… in Berryz news… it looks as though they *will* have a double A-side release with their next single. There’s been nothing really confirmed, however there are going to be 2 seperate Single-Vs for this release. One is listed as “Seishun Bus Guide” and the other is listed as “Rival”. I am looking forward to PVs.

Yaguchi Mari is giving in to her gaming roots! She’s done two commercials for Wii (CM1, CM2), and she’s also writing a column for a gaming magazine now. That’s our Gooch, huh? ^_^

Also? °C-ute’s new single has been announced. No one knows yet whether Kanna will be back to participate in it. I can only hope, though!

This is a link to a video of an Animal Crossing video. However… This is a link to the preview of Morning Musume’s “Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu” from Platinum 9 DISC. (It seems no one has bothered to up the song without the introduction monologue.) But, listen to the beginning of the music. It is *very* similar to the style that has been used for the Animal Crossing games, and it really amuses me… especially since it’s a song about adultery.

A few days ago, Elder Club officially left the H!P roster. I’ve written about this before, so I won’t bother shedding tears. The ones we won’t see anymore are the ones we haven’t seen in a while anyway. The others? Well, as fans, we’ll still have to track down what they do, so it won’t be too terribly different from when they were in H!P, except that the info won’t be on the same websites. Those in the M-Line fanclub will probably keep the rest of us posted. ^_~

In a few days, we should have previews of the new Buono! song, as well as the Guardians 4 song. I’m really beginning to hope that Risako is lead on it. Having watched a lot of Berryz concert footage recently, I’m realizing that in the right circumstances, the girl *can* sing. Although, far be it from H!P to give her many of said circumstances in songs. There’s a particular quality to her voice I don’t like, but it’s better than Mitsui’s, and better than Nakki’s, and having just watched the Berikore concert? Well, Yurina sounded like she was trying to gargle a cat who was gargling a frog who was gargling a fly. She continues to not impress me.

I may attempt podcasting soon! Keep an eye out. I have the means. Now I just need something I can talk about for more than 30 seconds with interest. Do something interesting, H!P!!!

My H!P(-ish) Top 10!

My H!P(-ish) Top 10!

Go vote in Paul’s poll to make your own H!P(-ish) Top 10!

Well, here we are… just over 7.5 months since I started this blog (with gaps in release here and there and everywhere), and I finally hit my first big “milestone” by passing 5000 hits. So, I figured I’d do a rundown of some stuff on my blog. ^_^

First off, thank you to International Wota for pimping out like half of my posts, without which I’d probably have given up a while ago because as much as this blog is “for me”, there’s really no fun in writing something that no one will read.

Thanks, too, to the people who have blogrolled me or otherwise linked on over.

This actually also marks my 40th post (yeah… I should probably post more, but I don’t tend to post strict news or that many reviews, so…), and it’s interesting to see which posts have had the most hits. At the top of the list is Let’s Talk About Sex, my look into Kago’s newest photobook and why people were reacting the way they were. Next is my Alo-Hello!3 post, which is understandable. But third on the list is H!P Blogs, Eating Disorders, and Hamtaro, which seems a little strange. Yes, it got put up on IW, but it’s such a strange post… Perhaps I should investigate further?

Ah, and there we go. Looking into the search terms that led to my blog, it’s easy to see why the Kago post is do high on the list. Number one? “Bondage”. All because of that one little picture where she was tied up! Number two? “Wet”. So, okay, this probably led to a lot of the Alo-Hello!3 posts, as did numbers three and four, “junjun” and “alo hello 3”. Four, five and six are “kago ai adultism”, “adultism” and “kago ai”. This is followed by “junjun musume”, and then by the inexplicable “genki sex”. Seriously? Sex that is both sex *and* genki? Should I feel honored? Also pretty far up on the list (as I start to skip past some of the boring ones) is “fat lady”. Um… okay… “Naked with bed” is another. “Super lady”, “fat stomach”, “boobs1”, “sakura bondage”, “”thighs”” (yes, in quotations), and “half nude wet girls” all got more than a handful of hits. What’s really hilarious are the ones that only got a hit of two, but still managed to lead to *MY* blog… “day after tomorrow hello,every”… “hot babes show their boobs nakedly”… “the ºc-ute fanged one”… “cute eating banana”… “chicken momo vector”… “naked girls peeing in a cup”… “pant hagiwara mai”… “”up yours” grandma”… “sex mongolian”… “girl’s mirror image reaches through to g”… and this is without looking up some of the particularly strange ones. I remember seeing a few about members of H!P licking each others fat… one about Risako’s pants ripping… not the mention about Nakki being a cannibal. I recall one about “babies stuck in nakajima saki’s teeth” or something like that. It was all rather ridiculous.

So, yeah… one of my goals this year was to post more interesting content, more often. I don’t know if I’ve done it yet or not, but I’m trying. Although, if there’s anything you guys want to see me rant about, just say it. I don’t keep my opinions to myself very well.

To commemorate this special occasion, here’s a PV for you to watch: Rie Fu’s “5000 Miles”. It is epic in its strangeness, perhaps quite like me. ^_^

Up until about 2 days ago, I didn’t like one particular Berryz single… “Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi”. I don’t know what it was about it (probably the fact that it was the first Berryz single to be released as I became a fan of H!P, but there was such a mismatch between the song and the image)… I seriously just avoided it as much as I could. But, it seems that a few years of Berryz appreciation and the recognition that Berryz is probably my single favorite musical group right now and my being on Youtube looking up concert clips two nights ago just all came together. I was glancing at dance shots for a moment, came across the “Tsukiatteru” one… and the song and dance have been in my head since. I barely know the song, but I was singing it something fierce at work yesterday… much to my co-workers’ dismay. I had thought it a little too strange, but as the Berryz I got “used to” was the Berryz who did “Dschinghis Khan” and “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance”, now “Tsukiatteru” just don’t feel out of place, which is nice. That one song being not-a-favorite felt weird, so I’m glad I’ve finally conquered my preconceptions.

Also… the 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts concert? Wow, all of those girls knocked it out of the park. I was very impressed. Although, favorite performance had to be “Mr. Moonlight” which surprised me because that’s pretty low on my list of Momusu songs, let alone singles.

5:40am. It’s time for me to go to work. ;_; Cry, cry, dono kurai… but… naichau kamo!

One of my favorite things about H!P? The dance shot. I don’t know why, really. All I know is that watching formations of attractive girls dance to the music I love with few or no cuts… totally makes me happy. It’s probably also why H!P PVs don’t often disappoint me. As they tend to be little more than dance shots with some mixed in close-ups, it’s right up my alley.

So, without further ado… my Top 20 favorite H!P dance shots.

1. Berryz Koubou – Special Generation

It was this video that started my love for Berryz, and especially for Captain. I saw that little girl dancing her heart out… make the mistake like most people thinking she was the youngest (because DAMN was she tiny!), and just… fell in love with this dance. Watching these girls move like that in those boots? It’s impressive. I can watch this one again and again and again… and I certainly have. I pretty much learned the girls’ personalities from this PV. Except Maasa. But, I love her now, so… ^_^

2. Morning Musume – Iroppoi Jirettai

“New image” aside, I think this is Mosumu’s sexiest dance, and perhaps also one of the most playful. The girls are seriously smokin’ hot throughout, but you get glimpses beyond like, like with the little “tag, you’re it” move. Just… watch those hips. They’re magical. This might have been one of my favorite incarnations of Momusu… They’re coordinated, but not overly so.

3. Goto Maki – Some Boys! Touch

Only Goto Maki could do this… show up in an ensemble pulled from both a cavewoman and a cowgirl and dance in front of two Hard Gay imitators and make me LOVE IT. This is perhaps one of those ones that is kind of lovely because it is ridiculous, but at the same time? Watch the Sansa SanDisk commercial. It’s really just Goto Maki moving to this music, which does show me maybe it’s not just the LOL factor or the “Gomaki… drool” factor.

4. Milky Way – Anataboshi

I distinctly remember hearing this song the first time and thinking something was wrong with the audio file. It’s hard to believe I love this song so much now, but half of it is the OMG COLORS of the PV. I love that Kikkawa Yuu is always kind of slightly-behind or slightly-ahead with her dancing. The use of the tambourines is great. Granted… I severely dislike Sayaka’s outfit, but what can you do, right? This raises my heart rate *every time*.

5. W – Koi no Fuga

This was the first W song I ever heard. I was searching around on Veoh for something (probably Momusu or MiniMoni) and saw a link to a live performance of this. I loved the outfits, and the girls, and searched around. First, wow is it difficult to search for a group whose name is a letter, and whose other name (Double U) is the name of another artist. As it is… this is where my Kago love truly sprang into action. She’s so damn cute in this, but with just a hint of sexiness. I love the kind of incesty-twin thing they’ve got going on, plus the outfits, plus the song itself… I’ve seen the regular version PV for this maybe 3 times because I always watch the dance shot.

6. Morning Musume – The MANPOWER!

I cannot be the only one confused at first about the fact that this was the regular edition PV. Here it is the dance itself that got me at first. (Although, my first introduction to it was a 2005 Music Station performance where they’re in baseball uniforms.) The only thing I don’t like in this is the move where Yossie looks really bored as she ducks down across the front, and *then* delivers an awesome “Yeah~!” I have actually learned this dance… along with about 3 others on this list (which I’ll list as I come to them) and 2 other easy ones (Momusu’s “Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima” and Mini Moni’s “Strawberry Pie”). It’s just… fun.

7. Berryz Koubou – Jiriri Kiteru

First off, I love the lighting and the energy in this dance. One of Berryz’ more complicated dances, they handle it well. I also cannot ignore the looks the girls give as they’re touching each other up. It’s awesome. I mean, granted, for a girl, I’m a huge H!P perv, but still! The coordination is awesome here, and the girls really seem to be feeling it, so it’s great. And who doesn’t love the ending pose?

8. Buono! – Gachinko de Ikou

Yes, for all that Buono! are great dancers, they’re barely in the top 10, and it’s all Momo’s fault. If I wanted to see her stick her ass out, I’d look at one of her PBs. Still, hot girls in heels are a total YES. I’m impressed with the jumping in those heels, too, although less so with Momo because she isn’t wearing a stiletto like the other girls, despite being the oldest. But, like the music… the dance is quirky and fun, so it’s at least this much win. ^_^

9. W – Miss Love Tantei

This is such a FUN dance. There are so many lame pseudo hip-hop moments, and “detective” moments… There is a handful of hot girl-on-girl touching, and hip shaking, and Kago having no idea what to do with her legs, and it’s awesome. I must really love W in white in front of orange-ish backgrounds. ^_^ I just really like watching it.

10. Viyuuden – Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari

Rounding out the top 10, my favorite Viyuuden song, which is the fault of this PV. The girls are all dressed super-different, which almost makes it feel as though this was a practice run. This is another H!P dance that I’ve actually learned, and well! I swear I can watch this just for how Rika’s skirt shakes. This dance is Awkward!Love for me. I mean, how lame is the part where they lock arms? But, I love it. (Granted, I had to up it to Youtube since the only dance shot versions I could find there were a flipped one and a few groupdub ones.)

11. Goto Maki – Glass no Pumps

I wish the super-slutty-looking bg dancers were not there, but Goto Maki’s breasts and legs are the stars here. I absolutely love the energy of this dance, as well as that little rotating crouch move. It’s sexy, but not as overtly so as “Some Boys! TOUCH”.

12. W – Ai no Imi wo Oshiete

I have tried, for years now, to figure out what the hell the girls’ skirts are made of, and I think I’ve just given up. So, okay, this dance is absolutely ridiculous. It looks more Mini Moni than W, and that might be why I love it. The girls look really happy throughout the PV, and the fun part is that at the end of it, you get to see Tsuji retrieving something (A hair? A string?) from her outfit that had obviously been bothering her throughout the filming. Yeah… cause the dangling ribbons didn’t tickle enough.

13. Berryz Koubou – Dschinghis Khan

I couldn’t decide between the versions of this. The first version has happy galavanting children and flashing lights, but not really enough actual DANCE. The second has (2 sets of) weird costumes (3 if you think the original costumes are), but more dance, which is fun. This is another H!P dance that I actually know… probably because it’s not too difficult. I would have ranked this higher, but it really doesn’t deserve it. It’s good, but not better-than-the-regular-PV good, and with such a simple, repetitive dance? I’m amazed I ranked it this high.

14. Morning Musume – Kanashimi Twilight

From the first moment, this PV POPS. Various somewhat-punky schoolgirl outfits rule, and Ai’s high-kicks? DROOL. Yossie during her solo? ALSO DROOL. I kind of know this dance, but only because I know where to jump, and toss my head pretty much. This was the first Momusu dance shot to come out after I got into H!P, so it’s probably just part od that “special place in my heart” thing, but I love it. It’s simple, but well-executed.

15. Kusumi Koharu – Koi Kana

This is the one Koharu PV where I don’t think her legs look impossibly gangly. Also, her air-star drawing? Awesome. This is spastic Koharu before it went into overkill mode, and I appreciate it for all that it is.

16. Morning Musume – Resonant Blue

This one also has 2 (well, 3 counting the original) dance shot versions. The original is good and all, but I prefer these two. In the one shot dance version, it’s just impressive to watch the way the dance comes together. The Lesson Studio version, though, is awesome. You get to see the backs and fronts of the girls at the same time. Because of the angle, Linlin and Aika are hardly seen. And Junjun, Eri, and Sayumi (especially Eri) are pretty irresistable throughout. It’s also neat to see the girls dancing in what is supposedly the clothing they like to practice in the most. (Although, seriously, Gaki? Because of the lack of lighting, you look like you’ve wet your pants in some shots. And Reina’s pants are just ridiculous for trying to move in.)

17. Viyuuden – Aisu Cream to my Purin

Another 2 shot-er! First up, the Elegant Dance Version. Everyone’s boobs look huge in those costumes, although Rika looks disturbingly like she’s trying to channel Marilyn Monroe. This is the better version of the video for not looking awkward, really, but for pure drool factor, it’s got to be the Pretty Dance Version. The girls in bunny suits never fails to impress, even if Rika’s nails are super-awkward at some points because of everything hanging from them. This is seriously the video I show to all guys that I think could get interested in H!P.

18. Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Once again, Momo’s ass is everywhere and she has the easiest heels to dance in. What’s really impressive here is how well the girls can jump in place. Also, I really like the costumes here. Sadly, I think the dance is a little convoluted (with all of the posing and jumping) or else this would be significantly higher.

19. Mini Moni – CRAZY ABOUT YOU

Mini Moni didn’t do a whole lot of dance shots, and this is probably on here for sheer camp value. The song is really good, even if it never really feels like Mini Moni. The dance is cute hip-pop all the way, and it is all about trying too hard. The outfits are ridiculous, but that’s probably 1/3 of the fun right there. Mika, like always, looks really out of place and kind of fat, but it’s not as noticeable here as it is in some things. She actually blends pretty well into the singing because she doesn’t have as much accent, and that helps blend her into the PV better, too.

20. Berryz Koubou – Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

This also gets two dance versions (kind of). First up is the actual dance shot which, really, was one of the reasons I did this post at all. I was watching it and going, “You know, I really like parts of this. The two outfit colors are used in such a way that there’s usually not a person of one color off by herself (as happens in Momusu’s “Naichau Kamo” and °C-ute’s “LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta”), also? Repetitive bum-touching combined with hip rolls!” However, having just fallen in love with this dance shot, it places low on my list… but still places! The Monkey Version, while not having much of the actual dance… has fun, and lots of it. The girls show PERSONALITY, and that’s why we all love H!P, right?

There are a few honorable mentions here…
I love Koharu’s Balalaika, but her legs look soooo gawky and gangly and chicken-y that I just can’t quite get over it, even if she looks otherwise great. Also, I really wish the bear was there in the dance shot, too. ^_^
Also, there is a °C-ute song that might have made it on there if it had an actual dance shot: Massara Blue Jeans (hip thrusting and chearleading uniforms for the win). W’s “Koi no Vacance” would be 21 for sure, but a lot of it is the costumes and how they look being danced in, sadly. And, really, I can’t forget Momusu’s “Onna ni Sachi Are”, or the fun that is Berryz’ “Gag no 100kaibun Ashite Kudasai”. Both are all over the place in different, but wonderful ways.

First up in the H!P world? Fujimoto Miki is getting MARRIED! Read more. She’s totally marrying the dude she had her scandal with two years ago, and I’m glad to see it. She has totally pulled the wool over the eyes of her fans and the tabloids alike, and that’s great because it gives us hope that the girls we know and love might not actually be quite so lonely as it might seem.

Next up? New Shugo Chara unit! Read more. The unit is called Guardians 4, and will consist of Mitsui Aika from Momusu, Nakajima Saki from °C-ute, and Sugaya Risako and Kumai Yurina from Berryz. They’ll be doing the next opening. I am… so not impressed. While it draws fun Buono! parallels from the fact that it is once again 2 members from Berryz, yet only 1 from °C-ute, the entire unit is pretty much a “My least favorite H!P members” unit. While I don’t terribly mind Socko and The Tall One, and Nakajima has grown on me just a little, little bit, the inclusion of Mittsui makes me gag. I couldn’t even get through her solo song on Platinum 9 because I hate her voice so much, and I even put it on random the first time I listened so as to try to take out as much bias as I could. Didn’t work. So, yeah… I will give this group a listen, but I will likely mock it relentlessly.

For you lovers on Youtube-ing the H!P concerts, by the way, it seems the 2 Winter 2009 concerts are up. I watched almost all of the Elder Club concert last night (though the graduation concert itself doesn’t release until April 15th, so that’ll be a bit longer, obviously) and I will probably devote a section of today to watching the Wonderful Hearts version. I’ve already watched a handful of the songs… Takitty’s interpretation of “Mr. Moonlight” is amazing, and Berryz killed everything I’ve watched so far, too.

Oh… happy LATE 2nd birthday to International Wota. I have been following along for almost all of that time, although I always thought they’d been around longer than I had… but that’s not so! I’ve been in H!P fandom strongly for only a few more months than IW has been around.

Later today I’m doing an EPIC POST. Keep an eye out! ^_~